Rat Patrol – Rat Patrol LP 1989

Title: Rat Patrol
Label: Highly Obscure Records, The Netherlands
Year: 1989
Press: 1000
Recorded: Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 04-07.10.1989 by Dolf Planteijdt
A01. Midlife Crisis
A02. Headlines
A03. A Long Forgotten Message
A04. Killing My World
A05. Kiss Ass & Survive
A06. Your Good Reason
A07. Slogans
A08. Cattle & Scum
B01. Wish You Could See The World Through My Eyes
B02. War Movies
B03. Blood On Your Hands
B04. Savannah River
B05. Misery Creator
B06. Say Your Piece
B07. Big Boys
B08. Crime
Comments: Comes with insert / Song B02 by MBP