Welcome to the first online issue of this newsletter. It has already been published in the late 80's as a paperversion but I eventually decided to finally continue as an online version. This will basically be stuff that keeps me busy. Also info about shows, our local Groningen scene, Holland in general and ofcourse my renewed interest in Japanese hardcorepunk!
Right now I'm busy updating the whole bacteria.nl webpage. I'm preparing a new openingpage and several added sections. It's quite alot of work so for now I concentrate on this newsletter first and start slowly working towards the rest. Another ambitious plan is to fabricate some sort of digital dutch punk archieve with obviously a starting emphasis on Groningen. But I still need alot of info and releases. Please take a look into my Tradelist under Dutch Wantlist. If you can help me with a xerox copy of any zine/article or a tape/cd-r copy of any releases, would be very appreciated! I'm now trying to get my Groningen punkcollection complete. If anyone in this town still have some obscure recordings from the past or present, you know where to go. There'll be an extensive MP3 expansion...!

Makiladoras CD-r backsleeveGRØN: Well, some days ago the new SHIKARI CD-EP finally came out on Level Plane Records. It's been the longest and most stressful project I have ever been involved with. Read October 2001. 2 years... A 7" record with a moving history. To make a long story short: it was supposed to be released by Throne Records (formerly Don't Belong) in Spain. Just before pressing, we discovered a shocking and xenophobic online interview done with Voice Of Hate, also a band to be released on Throne. After several discussions we decided to cancel the release in May 2002. Level Plane offered to help us and we gladly took this opportunity. It was released in the USA in September 2002 with a pressing of 500. Nova in Germany was taking care of the European pressing. But the first testpressing in December was terrible. A second testpressing done in march was even terrible... So when in April we discovered the US pressing was as bad, we canceled yet another time the release. Cause was the long runningtime in combination of the dynamic recording. The pressingplant mastering fucked up the whole sound resulting in another band. It didn't come close to 50% of the original recording. So eventually the thing is re-released as an CD-EP with no loss of soundquality and added with an enervating DivX video of a show in Rotterdam. I'm happy now.
S U E  ' E M ! ! !THE LAST MILE did a great set last weekend at the 5th Trashfest in Hoogeveen. Never saw them driven like that. They're working on a 7". You can hear one of those songs on their webpage. Recorded in the Kuschelrock in Bremen. FLEAS AND LICE added a 2nd guitarplayer, Jim from Scotland. BULLSHIT SCIENCE is currently touring with Driller Killer and Accion Mutante through Germoney. Michel, guitar for MAKILADORAS, replaced the original guitarplayer on this tour. He will be busy coz once finishing this one, he has to continue with MAKILADORAS starting on the annual Kopi Festival and moving on to Poland, Slowakia and Czech Republic. Their 10" is sold out by now and they started making CD-r copies with home-made sleeves and insert to sell at least something during their gigs. Special limited edition so grab one if you can! Also today was made a series of cool patches. Probably the most active band currently from Groningen.
MINDFØK recorded at Dejan's Villa Friekens studio in Amsterdam and I was totally impressed with the result. Nothing compared to their 1st CD. This is completely over the top punkrock/hardcore with a definite old style feel. Great stuff! PCP is still wondering what to do with the latest recordings (also Kuschelrock). Somehow there's is no label that is willing to do the pressing and printingshit. Enough ones to cooperate and invest. Frustrating. Oh, and there's new stickers! LOS ASESINOS DE LA SUPERFICIALIDAD recorded in the famous Bunt's Studio in Utrecht. I have no idea what they're up to. Also they're not playing much. Probably following into the footsteps of RAT PATROL?! Most members are in busy bands anyway (Ferry/gt in DANDARE, Rene/bs in THE LAST MILE and Sjakie/dr in MINDFØK). GRINDING HALT is a project consisting of members from ILL11, L.A.D.S., SHIKARI and THE LAST MILE. It's basically OFFICE KILLER with the bass and 2nd guitar replaced... Musicwise can be described as a cross between that same OFFICE KILLER and YAGE. Here's a video of them from a gig they did with S.A.F. and YAPHET KOTTO in the Platformtheater in Groningen on 10.07.2003: http://www.playroll.net/grindinghalt.wmv O.D.BABE have released both a CD and a videoclip. Last week I downloaded it from their website and I must say, it's fucken hilarious!! All kinds of Groningen scenestars and locations passing the review. The thing has been shot and edited real professionally and also the song "O.D.Babe I Love Ya" sounds great. Sex, drugs and punkrock'n'roll with a big smirk is device. Definitely recommended!! http://odbabe.nl/clip.wmv

Venues. Fucking venues. Ever since the withdraw of De Glasfabriek (yes, they still exist! but without electricity and the likes), we lack a good selfmanaged concertplace here in Groningen. Squats are usually the best to do gigs. We had the Opdrift squat for a while until one of the neighbours got twinbabies. Ever since we improvised in the ORKZ (legalized squat south of the city) and Het Platformtheater (a cultural centre in the middle of the city). Both places are not ideal. ORKZ already stopped doing gigs and Platformtheater is more or less the only option at the moment. But the terms are shitty coz rent has to be paid and the bar (high prices!) goes to the centre. We are left with the door. So you can imagine we cannot take too much risk in booking bands.
A couple weeks ago we got offered a new place. It's a cellar near the ORKZ venue. It hasn't been used for years so it needs to be (more or less) rebuild. Whenever the tenants drained it dry (yes, it's flooded), we can start working. You can imagine we can use all the help we can get so if you're feel like up to it, give us a call or mail.

Crude Holland/Germany minitour Dec.2002 shirtSo...this year has been quite relaxing for me regarding tours and such. After a very busy start of 2003, we bought a new tourvan in april. Unfortunately, because of some fuckup, we didn't manage to get it rebuild as a campervan like we did with our former one so now it's fit for 7 persons only. Our old van (Cavia Express 1) was sold to MIHOEN who will do their first long drive next week on a tour through France and Spain together with S.A.F. Too bad OLHO DE GATO cancelled that one. Anyway, the only tour I did organize (but was not able to come along with) was the COCKROACH French/Spain tour in September but incredible enough, they canceled after 2 gigs... PCP did some short tours and SHIKARI manage to make 1 gig each month due to family affairs and studytime. Right now I am preparing a 3-week tour for Japanese HC masters CRUDE. The December 2002 minitour was a real blast so I can imagine they're dying to return. They're supposed to come somewhere in 2004 and I'm thinking of covering Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. I hope this is going to work coz the language was the biggest problem during their last tour. If we combine their tour with SELFISH in february, obviously I won't have this problem anymore but... basically I need a good translator that can manage/organize as well and won't have any troubles with hardcorepunk & drugs. Oh well, hopefully more details soon.



look at that stand!!23.08.03. The Dead (BEL), Skarnspage (NOR), Seein'Red, The Furious (BEL), Radio Bikini, Discarga (BRA), 1000 Travels Of Jawarlahal (JAP), Vitamin X, Amen Ra (BEL), Louis Cyphre (GER), Light The Fuse And Run (USA), Visions Of War (BEL), I Shot Cyrus (BRA) @ Het Podium, Hoogeveen NL
Trashfest 4. Marteun and crew doing a great job again and this time a very varied line-up. Too bad I have to leave around 22.30 coz I need to play with PCP on a birthdayparty of Sjakie (drummer for LADS & MINDFØK) in Groningen. Oh well, we'll see how far we get. VISIONS OF WAR start upstairs but the sound is real terrible. Their original drummer couldn't continue with the band coz of a hearingproblem (?) and was replaced by Dejan, also drummer for OLHO DE GATO and owner of the Villa Friekens studio. Last time I saw them was in de Raad in Alkmaar during the afterparty of the annual Kerstival in Parkhof. I was completely stunned by their set coz in the far past they played very longwinded boring crustcore. In Alkmaar it was suddenly totally fast with lots of changes and breaks. Really exciting. Some sort of DISRUPTish. However, today they fall back to the old style... Very uninspiring despite the impressive effort of Dejan. Then I miss a couple bands coz socializing was more interesting at the moment. Many friends from abroad are present. MÖRSER from Germany is supposed to play but on the condition that SEEIN'RED should also play. Well, SEEIN'RED already played Hoogeveen recently but everybody wanted MÖRSER real bad so the deal was on. Too bad MÖRSER canceled... SEEIN'RED is good. Not much to say about it coz it's starting to become a bit like a routine.  Unfortunately I miss THE FURIOUS from Belgium. MAKILADORAS played with them in February and that was quite memorable. Fast but slightly sloppy retro hardcore played with alot of energy. Oh well. VITAMIN X downstairs is also quite energetic but can't excite me much musically. Not many melodies in their songs although I love their track on the Maximaal Onthaal CD. Upstairs RADIO BIKINI starts and this is the big surprise. Simple yet wonderful fast hardcore. I didn't know anything about this band except that MAKILADORAS is going to do a split 7" with them. Now I know why. Kicking to discover another good Dutch band. Downstairs is 1000 TRAVELS OF JAWARLAHAL. I'm not so keen on emo. Correction: I detest most of it but these japanese do it in an acceptable way. Not too much strumming and drivel, rather straight forward, mostly midtempo punk/hardcore. I am astonished by the drummer. He has a microphonestand between his legs... quite an hilarious sight!! Still wonder how he manage to keep drumming. Those japanese...hentai I say! I SHOT CYRUS is setting up their equipment, when I get a phonecall urging me to get my ass back to Groningen to play. And so I did.

24.08.03. Blood I Bleed, Blaat, Kriegstanz, Skarnspage (NOR), Krush, Cathode, I Shot Cyrus (BRA), PCP, Reproach (BEL), Discarga (BRA), Sika (SLO), Olho De Gato, Visions Of War (BEL) @ C.O.-9, Zwolle NL
Third gig within 24 hours. Well we didn't make it too late last nite with that PCP/RAT PATROL gig so we are prepared. This fest takes place in a relatively new squat in Zwolle, a town 100 km south of Groningen. Lately they are doing tons of concerts there, almost every week and I believe practically all touring bands play there, no matter if it is popular or not. Now that Hoogeveen (only 30 km from Zwolle) has started booking bands like mad again, this area has definitely developed as the heart of hardcore Holland!
We miss the first band BLOOD I BLEED. A pity coz I'd love to see Shantia's new band. I've been told it's basically MY MIND'S MINE, but more HERESY influenced. They considered the name LOST for their new band but since there's a popular punkband from Poland with the same name (ex-HOMOMILITIA), they wisely enough decided for a different name. Did they take it from 80's bay area thrashmetal fave DETENTE?! We enter during BLAAT but I spent the time checking out the place and people. I take some time for KRIEGSTANZ. They have members of KriegstanzCATHODE, BARNHOUSE EFFECT, SEEIN'RED... It's a wall of noise. This is more pleasing than their gig on Trashfest 3 in Hoogeveen some months ago. The songs are much better played and the structures are clearer than before. Ofcourse you can instantly hear where the influence comes from. Cross WOLFBRIGADE with CATHARSIS or TRAGEDY and there you have it. They'll get vinyl out sooner or later. KRUSH is good straightforward hardcore with two very moving singers. Reminds me of DISRUPT. SKARNSPAGE is two guys with a drummachine. They go wild in some touching way. Very funny to watch, not quite funny to hear. Time to eat. It's a great idea the organization put up a foodstand. I usually miss this at the Dutch fests. Besides the fact that everybody becomes hungry at a certain point (especially during these kind of marathons), it's also a good way to get some extra money in. CATHODE is another wall of sound. Two guitars, and even heavier than KRIEGSTANZ. I prefer the darker midtempo stuff to the quite sloppy fast parts. I SHOT CYRUS with the drummer of RATOS DE PORAO. Hectic fast 80's retro hardcore. Wouldn't imagine this was from Brasil. Nice to see Boka in action again but I prefer RATOS anytime. PCP was an ok set I suppose. It is the first time for many people to see us in the new line-up. It's always good fun to play with this band. Since there is no lighting present, we are swallowed by the dark. During REPROACH I am recovering in our van outside, catching some air as well. DISCARGA I missed as well. For the 2nd time that is. OLHO DE GATO is real good. Fast and hectic hardcore. The Bloedbad song goes to me. Cool. SIKA is really really bad. It's one of those bands that are so bad, that it is actually great... Very young and enthusiastic band and giving it all. Damn, I watched their complete set. Crazy. VISIONS OF WAR was like yesterday except now they finished the fest instead of opening, and they had some of the crowd moving. MATKA TERESA decided spontaneously they wanted to play as well, but the organizers (as well as most of the crowd) were already too dead to agree. 

05.09.03. Makiladoras, Fresnel (AUS), PCP, Man Made Filth, Anargeeks @ Rijzenburcht, Elst NL
This is the first day of a 2 day festival celebrating the squat in Elst (near Arnhem). It's located in the middle of nowhere and it is in a big farm. All around are grasslands and excavated buildingsites. This squat is the only original house left in the area coz it is considered a monument so they are not allowed to evict/demolish it. We arrive far too early coz everything got delayed with mucho hours. Around 18.00 we get some spicy mustardsoup and soon we start unloading and checking what to use. The stage is too tiny to put on equipment except for the drums so we decide to put everything in front of the stage. When at around 22.00 finally the small P.A. arrives, MAKILADORAS can start an hour later the show. Right at the first song, tons of people come forward to see the band. The crowd starts movingMarked Makiladoras! and atmosphere is set. Great! FRESNEL from Austria are real kind fellows but their sound can't excite me much. Slow to midpaced doomrock with alot of guitartinkling. I guess I am not the only one coz soon enough the place is empty. PCP is next and chaos starts to arise. A bunch of people with markers come in action and within time I see once familiar faces change into strangers with mustaches, skindiseases, beards, crazy hairdos, missing teeth... On one side I see an female Hitler fighting somekind of pirate, an another side people piling up and doing crazy stuff. It's completely surreal and very hard to concentrate on the drumming... What a nite. MAN MADE FILTH didn't escape the markerwar either and their singer had a nice reversed cross over his face. Musically it was kinda sloppy but cool enough to keep the attention. ANARGEEKS, a very young band from Alkmaar, are the definition of sloppyness. Wow! Reminded me abit of R.A.P.T. from France. After ANARGEEKS some other band played as well but ended abruptly when the aggregate broke down. The whole place was covered in darkness. Fortunately the maglite is standard issue with me, so I had no problem to get my stuff and get to the van to prepare for a good nite rest coz tomorrow it's off to Stemwede for yet another fest. BUT. As soon as I wanted to enter my bed, there comes a bunch of people with a djembee. If I learned to hate something in the past years, it's people with djembees and didgeridoos coming to punkfests "playing" their instruments all night long. You can imagine, even with earplugs there was no credit gained. However, the next morning is a treat. 75% of MAKILADORAS need to take the train back home and some of them have obligations, familycall and such... But the waterproof markers did quite a good job. Despair is maybe a big word, but it was great fun to see them frantically scrubbing their faces in our sidemirrors. A sight I won't forget that easy. PS. recordings were made of all bands and they will probably put these out sooner or later.

06.09.03. PCP, Twisted System (BEL), Zeroid (GER), Instinct Of Survival (GER), Dreschflegel (AUS) @ Krustenhof, Stemwede GER
With almost no sleep, we manage to arrive in time in Stemwede. Actually we're the first band to arrive! I've been here before with MAKILADORAS and this place just rules with a capital R!! It's a huge farm with a barn and some smaller houses, plus acres of land around it. There's living about 7 people in the farm and in some wagons. The mainhouse has the concertroom. It's more like a livingroom with a bar. Really atmospheric and cosy with alot of beautiful murals. The whole place lives coz everywhere there is something to do and so many familiar faces, it's like a reunion! Outside there's a fire and picnic place. We get delicious food, and obviously I eat too much coz later we need to toss a coin to see the order of the bands. PCP needs to start first. Around 23.00 we do start and eventually we're all happy we play now coz everyone seems to had lack of sleep in Elst. We did a good set and had a nice crowd. It' been a while since I last saw the Liege gang. Cool! DRESCHFLEGEL from Vienna, Austria is next and is playing really tight NO COMMENTish hardcore. All songs very fast and usually in less than 1 and a half minute. GreatZEROID stuff but tends to get tedious after 20 minutes. TWISTED SYSTEM was a real surprise. I know this band operated in the past as TRISTE but that was hardrock with a strong ACDC feel. This is catchy crust'n'roll with some fast parts, brief guitarwanking and heavy sound. With ex-HIATUS guitarplayer, ex-HELLBOUND drummer and ex-UNHINGED singer. The crowd just loves it! Then ZEROID. I didn't know they would play so this was a hellish surprise. I always missed them when they played around and if there was always one hc band I wanted to see, it was ZEROID. And to my great surprise, this is their final gig... Consider me lucky. And I am more than happy I witnessed this one, even if they themselves were very dissapointed with it. They had alot of bad luck with the bassplayer who broke strings twice. It broke the mood and continuality of the concert but still... it was brutal nevertheless. Supertight, varied and powerful drumming, numerous dark and ultracatchy melodies, opposed guitarlines and brief wanking, diverse screaming.... damn, this is just perfect. And they play my favorite song Present Perfect as well. So it's a very mixed feeling, happy to have seen them, sad to know it is over for ever. Why do the best bands always break up so quickly? I'm anxious to know any new projects. Their drummer is already playing for BUTCH MEIER, an excellent country & western band that does covers of classic hardcore/punksongs. Their debut 7" "Moustache Means Respect" is an instant classic! I passed INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL coz it was already around 4 am, saw them several times before and most important, I need some sleep. The next morning we get a very nice collective breakfast in the garden. Some people are still drunk, some roll over in dogshit, some try to leave but still walk or fall around after hours.. On the german border we get stopped by the bordercops. We are ok but the spanish car that is with us has some problems. One of them forgot his passport in Stemwede but fortunately enough he can continue. Still he needs his passport back so we telephone to Stemwede. Then we hear that they just got a message that someone tragically died that night on the road to the farm. They are all mourning coz it was a good friend of the house. A very dramatic ending of an exciting weekend.  

26.09.03. Los Conductos, Gewapend Beton, Hysteria, Zootic (POR), Sin Dios (SPA), Tragedy (USA), Inner Terrestials (UK) @ Pakhuis Afrika, Amsterdam NL
I was much looking forward to see this gig. Unfortunately our friends of SIN DIOS played only 2 exclusive gigs in NL. They were invited by the Blauwe Aanslag squat to play on their final festival on 27th September. After 23 years they get evicted... sad but true. Anyway, since 27th was the incredible 5th Trashfest in Hoogeveen, we decided to go to Amsterdam to meet our friends and see this fresh new squat for the 1st time. Well, located in the harbour area, it's an excellent site. Actually next to the former Vrieshuys Amerika squat, that did tons of great gigs in the 90's (and run by Human Alert superstars). But this Pakhuis Afrika is big, very big. And when we arrived the first to see were our Inner Terrestialsfriends from Saint-Etienne.... stalking Tragedy for 3 gigs. Freaks! Outside it was crowded with punx, inside even more. I think around 300 people were there. Exceptional for Amsterdam standards. Ofcourse also the obligatory punx that try to get in for free. The doorpeople had some real hard times stopping them. When asking why they try to force themselves in without paying, they reply it is always worth a try... Sin Dios explains us they feel confused with so many spanish punks around them. They can't gossip anymore without anyone understanding them. And once inside the scarce lighted concertroom , I step into a deep hole filled with rainwater. The rest of the nite I spent with one leg dripping wet. There's definitely alot of work to be done in this squat. We missed the first 2 bands and entered while ZOOTIC plays. They're pretty good, but I see too many familiar faces to keep the attention so after a couple songs I start wandering around. HYSTERIA is next and they sound pretty good. I'm busy with the Sin Dios merch and more friends I haven't seen for a while. SIN DIOS is next and I'm looking forward to it but to find out it's one of their worst gigs I've ever witnessed... Nevertheless the crowd goes nuts. TRAGEDY was real good, musically real good. All people was enthousiast as hell but somehow there was this huge wall in between the band and the crowd. I always like it when there's at least some interaction between band and people. It gives a band identity. Oh well. It was already around 2 a.m. and INNER TERRESTIALS was preparing to start. I'm not a fan of this kind of music but honestly, this was the best band of the nite. Totally tight and exciting, played with much dedication and effort. Ofcourse around 3 a.m the aggregate broke down and there was 30 min of nothingness. When they picked up again around 3.30 we decided it was time to do some shitwork for our friends. Transporting the equipment and people of withoutgod. It was around 6 a.m. we finally hit the sack.

27.09.03. Boxed In (UK), Accion Mutante (GER), Tunnel Vision, Bullshit Science, Intensity (SWE), The Now-Denial (GER), The Last Mile, Driller Killer (SWE), Lomb, Tragedy (USA), Cockroach, Mörser (GER), Betercore, Zootic (POR) @ Het Podium, Hoogeveen NL
14 bands in 8 hours. Every band is allowed to play 30 min maximum. Welcome to the 5th edition of the Trashfest. Well, organizer Martheun is doing so many shows lately that this could be considered his pinnacle for this year. I mean, compare this line-up to the traditional fests of Zoro Leipzig, Kopi Berlin or Biel. Nuff said. We are in time to catch BOXED IN. Nice to see oldtimers doing a twice a day gig (same night in Nijmegen). Uptempo oldschoolish hardcorepunk with 2 guitars. Coolio but they play a bit too long. The good thing about this fest is there's 2 stages. One downstairs, and one upstairs. Downstairs has no P.A. system, tiny stage and more atmosphere while upstairs has a P.A. system, room for 300 and plenty of space to move around (for both band and audience). I preferTragedy downstairs but this time the sound upstairs is quite good, not to say: excellent! At least the stagesound is coz I am mostly standing on or next to the stage. I know from past gigs that the P.A. here usually fucks up shit radically. Trashfest 4 with Tear It Up and What Happens Next had ridiculously bad sound. Oh well, during BOXED IN the band upstairs set up their equipment and starts playing right after the other band finishes. Great and necessary system. ACCION MUTANTE from Germany didn't have a big crowd but they enjoy themselves pretty much. One of the guitarplayers have a carpet of paper laying in front of him. After close inspection it appears to be all songs written out in "guitarlanguage". Musicwise they sound exactly the same as when we saw them in September 1998 in Giessen Germany when touring with Sin Dios. Unfortunately... Back down it is TUNNEL VISION, a new band from Holland. It is rather bad with a drummer that can't hold a single note. The definition of sloppyness. So I escape to do some socializing. After 25 minutes BULLSHIT SCIENCE is preparing to play. Preparing, coz constantly some bandmember's missing. They get the schedule fucked for at least 15 minutes. Punkrock! Always good fun on stage. Two singers (one new PCP member) with amusing speeches. Catchy punkrockcrust with a very tight Maynard on drums (ex-MUSHROOM ATTACK/FLEAS AND LICE). Downstairs INTENSITY starts their much intense set. Great over the top hardcoretrash. Alot of power and conviction. Definitely one of the best bands of the nite. THE NOW-DENIAL. I don't know what to expect. Missed them several times. Know them already personal but musically it's a blank. So after the first song I am nailed to the ground. Amazed. And the sound is so good. Very dynamic and energetic, both musically as physically. DAMN! Together with ZEROID, probably the best liveband this year. After the set I go to see locals THE LAST MILE, but I'm still shaken from the NOW-DENIAL set. THE LAST MILE sure is good and Daan/dr is devilish. However they are very lowtuned with 2 guitars and most defition is blown to oblivion. The melodies drown in the rumble. Too bad. DRILLER KILLER upstairs. Now, I love their records. I heard controversial stories about them when they toured Spain and Portugal so for me this is one of those "grey area" bands. Usually these bands use the DIY structures to make money and flirt with the mainstream. After two songs I am shocked. So many strong emotions in one nite. HELL! Anyway, there is absolutely Morser!no power or conviction. And during the fast d-beat parts, it looks as if the drummer is close to collapse. Kinda painful to watch. They behave like the headliners of the fest, sunglasses ready and noses up. After 40 minutes they are still playing in front of an empty hall... Everybody escapes downstairs to see LOMB set up their equipment. A much more exciting scene than this failure. LOMB starts when DRILLER KILLER is finishing their 50 min set. Sloppy as hell but with burning warmth they fly through their oldschool set. Heard some cool covers and before you know, it's done. TRAGEDY gets the crowd moving. Obviously most people came to see this band coz the hall is filled. They play a great show, with even some movement. I'm not much into the newer stuff but this is quality playing. Very very good! COCKROACH starts but I decide to pass this one. Instead I encounter some action in the street where 3 copcars with nasty dogs arrived. Appearantly some car was wrecked and they came to check. Nothing serious. MÖRSER. What can I say? The masters of mayhem. Nothing to do with punk but a guarantee for full frontal slaughter. I love them. Even with one less singer and guitarplayer, they still manage to c r u s h . Yeah, give me MÖRSER anytime. After the gig I try to get my hands on their Scum comicbook cd release. I haven't had any luck tracking this one down so I'll give it several tries with the band but they're too disorganized to help me. Or should I say drunk...? hehe. BETERCORE changed line up. New drummer, new (female) singer, new sound. It has become a show-piece. Musically it's become complete unstructured chaos. Pounding into obscurity. Their singers go completely nuts. Great spectacle including masterblowjob! I should be putting those pictures online sooner or later. ZOOTIC upstairs was a bit too much. We left quite early. Around 2 am. I heard the afterparty was real swell. But then again, I have been traumatized by disco in the 80's. One of my reasons to become punk was because of disco. It can be confusing to see todays punks dancing on 80's disco. But I guess that's another story.

Cursed - "One" LP
(Deathwish Inc., 2003)

There were only few bands that could interest me in the 90's and one of them was THE SWARM a.k.a. Knee Deep In The Dead. When I heard that CURSED had the vocalist and the drummer of THE SWARM, I was definitely interested. Directly downloaded it from the net and soon after bought the record myself coz mighty ole satan, this is devestating shit! Forget about cloning, it's all very original and inventive playing here. Maybe some influences but definitely an own style with lots of variety from very fast to provokingly sluggish. Remarkable! The sound is incredibly brutal. First song is quite reminiscent of THE SWARM, great uptempo with a catchy midpiece and clocks under 1m30s. It sets the heavy tone for the rest of the 10 songs. The guitar (also in HAYMAKER) is low-tuned, dark and sometimes quite noisy with some excellent wanking. Guilt Parade is an original SWARM song and Opposable Thumbs could undoubtedly be one. But before you rush to hear it, I must warn that this leans musically much more to metal than to hardcore. Lyrics are sometimes quite gloomy, but generally with a strong political as well as social feel and sang in a totally intense way as we know it from THE SWARM or LEFT FOR DEAD. The only weakness is the doomy instrumental song (6m32s) that drags along abit too much. But at any rate, this is one of the best releases of this year with Nineteen Seventy Four as my favorite song!

The Last Thing09.10.03. The Last Mile, Submerge (FRA) @ Platformtheater, Groningen NL
Locals THE LAST MILE is playing quite alot lately so this was the 3rd time within a month that I'll see them play live.
Usually I hear them every week coz they're practising next to the PCP rehearsal on thursday. Anyway, the gig has to start later than usual due to the weekly salsa-nite in the Platformtheater. Since some time alot of concerts are organized in this cultural theatre. It is located perfectly in the middle of the city-centre (just across the Simplon youthcenter) and inside it's rather cosey and pleasant. Big disadvantage of this place is that it has to be reserved and paid plus all income from the bar goes to the place itself. Only thing left is the doormoney for the organizers. And with concerts like these (read: not so popular bands), it's a financial risk. Tonight there is probably some 35 paying people plus bands/organization would make it around 60 in all. It's the birthday of the guitar for THE LAST MILE and for the singer of SUBMERGE. To meet our french friends from Reims again, is always a pleasure. We carry some very fond memories when we played/stayed in their hometown last year. THE LAST MILE play pretty sloppy but the sound is real good. Usually they're so low-tuned and heavy resulting in thunderous rumbling losing all definition and melody. Which is a shame coz there's some very catchy tunes! Also I notice some SHIKARI and Submerge Shake That Pant!TRAGEDY/FROM ASHES RISE influence in the newer songs while the old stuff still comes close to CATHARSIS and the likes. Good gig and an hilarious drumseat supported by an ashtray!! I'll check the Shogun Records distro that Phil & Elodie took with them and I was mucho impressed. Probably the best selection I have seen since ages. And almost all new releases from more obscure/hard-to-get labels such as Bloodsucker, H.G.Fact... The people from the Platformtheater start to complain about visitors bringing their own drinks. Prices at the bar are quite expensive so obviously people bring their own, as always. But now that there's not so many people, the empty bottles and a quiet bar attract attention. SUBMERGE starts pretty sloppy. I dunno how to describe exactly but it they sound like jazzmetal. Crazy timing and pacing turning into heavy mosh. After 15 minutes I get more into it and it seems they do as well. But still, it's quite inaccessible music.


Welcome to the Japanese Hardcore Punk Corner. Every month I'll review a bunch of Japanese releases here, old and new. Also there's room for trivia and stories so if you have anything to share, contact me!

There were several musical changes in my life, and one of them was caused by a tape that I received from the UK (thanks Jonny/Peaceville) around 1990. It had recorded DEATHSIDE's "Wasted Dream" LP and LIPCREAM's "Lipcream" LP. Since the late 80's, hardcorepunk went quickly downhill and I took less and less satisfaction out of it. Musically it was a rather poor and embarrasing period with the mainstream charging in. Needless to say the tape made quite an impact. It was so fresh and exciting, yet very simple. At the time I was playing in CATWEAZLE, and Axe/gt got hooked on it as well. You could say, that after 1990, we put our share of DEATHSIDE influence into the band resulting in a weird mix. Some songs had definitely some cloned riffing. Anyway, from that moment on, my interest in Japanese hardcorepunk rose again. But eventually DEATHSIDE was the best of the bunch, no doubt. NowCrude experiencing the Cavia Express 1! And what's that Mustang guy doing on our kitchen?!! it's 2003. I hardly get excited about any punkbands except for some outstanding liveperformances by the likes of ZINC (Spain), ZEROID (Germany), FROM ASHES RISE (USA), CRUDE (Japan), or THE NOW-DENIAL (Germany). Call it jaded, but truth is, time has changed radically musicwise as well as politically/socially within our networks. With the arrival of internet, it's been so much easier to make tours and do stuff/communication in general. Holland is flooded by touring bands. Alot of them existing no longer than 1 year without any experience and often without a release. I've seen too many playing on "rehearsing-level". It's just too much. Overkill... I know, punkrock! Everybody can do it, that's the charm of our scene as well but I pass. So where do I want to go with this incoherent rambling? To the new breed of Japanese hardcorebands ofcourse! Just recently I have discovered so many good new bands, it's just incredible! So this section is dedicated to the past and present state of Japanese hardcorepunk! Thanx to Ichiro, Within, Shoko, Kenji.

A.I. - "A Hope On The Concrete" CD
(Blood Sucker Records 058, 2000)
Kyusyu City Hardcore. I already heard this band on the Bloodsucking Freaks 2001 compilation CD and I loved BANDIT so I knew I was going to love this. This CD has also their "Arming Rebellion With The Sound Of Hearts" 7", recorded 1998. Both sessions were recorded in the Our House studio and I must say that I was totally disappointed with alot of recent Our House recordings (especially the SELFISH "Burning Sensation" CD) but this one is as steady as a mammoth. Great production and powerful sound. And both recordings aren't much different sounding from eachother in spite of the difference in time. Ofcourse A.I. is an excellent band with skilled musicians so it's a winner nonetheless. My favorite songs are Borndead (from the 2000 recording) and Senseless Excuses (1998 recording, can also be found on the Bloodsucker promo-compilation). Borndead is a very catchy midtempo punkrock tune with very expressive vocals. The choruses and some verses are in english, and it seems the song deals with a zombielike existence ("Sod & bored coz I'm borndead in the same shit different days. I'm dead on arrival, I'm D.O.A."). Senseless Excuses, an authentic "Fuck Off" song, opens with a great intro and quickly burst into fastness and mayhem. Most other songs are fullspeed with great riffs, brief guitarwanking and over the top vocals and "sing-a-longs". A fucking favorite. ●●●●●

MUSTANG - "Northland's Burning" CD
(Straight Up, 1998)

Bought this one at the ThoughtCrime distro on the Para Raio Festival in Germany in 2001. I was heavily surprised someone actually got this stuff for sale. Normally here in Europe it's very rare to find any distros carrying obscure japanese releases. But I guess Straight Up Records are open for trading or wholesale, so there's at least some chance you run into their records somewhere in Europe. So, MUSTANG... This was my first introduction to them and I was expecting something in the CRUDE style since their guitarist Tomohisa is playing with them. However, this is more rock. Much more rock. The first midtempo song sets the tone with a "let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go" chorus. MOTORHEAD comes to mind when the rest of the songs kick in. Still catchy and very powerful. I would say, typical Hakodate style including the writing. "Get back soul", "More courage", Get power the only power" are some of the choruses you can find on this mostly japanese language release. I believe Deadalive Records is going to release some sort of discography CD sooner or later.l ●●●

VARIOUS - "Attack With A Vengeance" 3" CD
(Pressure Records, 1993)
Obscure compilation released in 1993 with GLOOM, VANTAGE, BÜLL OYSTER and LESS HAZE. Great packaging in rectangle box. Cover stolen from the back of the SO MUCH HATE "How We Feel" LP. GLOOM play 4 songs that sound like a generic simple-chords DISORDER clone. Quite boring. VANTAGE is fullspeed hardcoretrash mixed with that traditional Japcore sound. But I dont' like the vocals much. Especially the last song is unbearable. Some nice guitardubs though! VANTAGE artwork is done by Fumio, better known for his PAINTBOX sleeves and fabulous flyerart! BÜLL OYSTER is simple crossover with obligatory but brief guitarwanking. LESS HAZE. What can I say... they definitely make this CD. Incredible over-the-top hardcoretrash. Short, fast and loud. This is their best recording by far. With 2m44s far too few. And realize, this is a completely different sounding band than their "Bring It On" CD released in 2000. Completely incomparable!! ●●●

CRUDE - "Crude" LP
(Dynamite Kids, 1999)

It took me some time to appreciate this release. I still think it sucks in recordingquality, especially compared with their other releases. But...if you listen closely, there's so much energy and power in it. The openingsong is real crazy. Soft, melancholic acoustic guitar with a storm sample and very crude over the top (and distorted) japanese vocals. As if I am landed in an eerie horrormovie. Next song, "Madly", is in typical CRUDE style as we know it. Great 2nd guitarlead bursts into uptempo catchy japcore. And remarkable enough, this entire song is in English language...! Still kinda cryptic, but I believe it deals about never giving up in life as hard as it can get. Actually this is an always returning theme in CRUDE lyrics and attitude. Actually most english parts in the rest of the songs on this cd, handle about keeping a firm will, finding your own self, overcoming stress etc etc. Later on they will emphasise more on individual themes like not conforming to the norms and such. Pretty interesting if you ask me. Too bad they don't SPEAK english (as we realised when we picked them up for their tour last year). The rest of the songs are all in the same league. Songs that start to grow on you after a few rounds of playing. Eventually I got used to the overall sound but it is just a shame to know how this could have sounded when recorded properly... Released by Dynamite Kids, now better known as Genet Records from Belgium. One song ("Distress") can be found on the "Immortality" CD/LP, released by Deranged Records. ●●●●

STICKS IN THROAT - "Move On Zeroes" CD
(H.G.Fact 126, 2000)

I expected something different. Something more hardcore i guess but this is mostly wellplayed uptempo punkrock. Sometimes almost garage rock. Still with some cool melodies and wanks. The voice has this crisp japanese articulation. I love that. Sounds very powerful. The lyrics are a mystery. Let me know if you can decode this: "Slowly into goad, Fall off the husk, I'm here to search for it" or "Can't I crawl up again? I sink delow and shake it from the bottom"... Overall couldn't excite me too much. ●●


GARLIC BOYS - "Smegmania" CD
(Alchemy Records, 1990)

This CD was my first introduction to the phenomenon called GARLIC BOYS. Up to now it still sounds very refreshing and energetic. If you like quality crossover, this is the shit. Perfectly executed songs with frightful catchy tunes. They are like the SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA of Japan. Except GARLIC BOYS have a rather silly image judging the numerous comical pictures, song/recordtitles ("The Way Of The Fat Boy", "Smegmania") and their later works ("Yokozuna", "I Want Your Panty" to name a few). Their Sumo song "Gong" on Smegmania is probably my favorite track. The last song has remarkable enough some SO MUCH HATE feel. But then again, didn't SO MUCH HATE play crossover as well?! When I was in Spain in 1999, I discovered they were still existing and putting out alot of new releases on Howling Bull. But they changed (progressed?) quite alot from this release, doing a mix of all styles and doing it rather well. The Kings Of Smell have even toured Holland a few years back and I still regret I missed them. Anyway, this release definitely stands out from any crossover release from that period. ●●●●

ROCKY & THE SWEDEN - "Total Hard Core" CD
(Bloodsucker 037, 1998)

I've been out of touch with Japanese hardcore since the mid nineties. I renewed interest after hearing this one in Malmö when some INTENSITY japcore freaks introduced me to those ROCKY records. I was impressed coz I didn't expect those new bands to sound that well. I used to hear clones of other bands but this was refreshing to say the least! And, what a fucken hentai name! Started in 1996 and Rocky the singer coming from a band called the OUTBREAKERS. Sounds rocky indeed. Genko on guitar used to play in CRISIS KILL, bassplayer Takeshi is formerly IDORA and HEADLESS and drummer Masaaki used to play for SYSTEMATIC DEATH and BASTARD. Quite a line-up and it's easy to recognize the various bandinfluences from where they came from. In 1997 they released their first two 7" on Nat Records and Bloodsucker respectively. After those two releases, Genko gets replaced by Sukekyo (ex-SCRUM HALF) and they release this first full length album in 1998. Judging from their sleeves, lyrics and clothing, one can say that they're obsessed with marihuana. Their symbol is a hardcore GRASShopper. Go figure! The sleeve of Total Hard Core is abbreviated to THC... The backsleeve has a charming picture of Rocky puffing out smoke captioned The Human Choice... The inside traycard has a picture of a field with marihuana plants and a caption DREAM over it. The first song is called "Smokin' Slugger", the next has a chorus that goes like: "Open Eyes, Look Up At, Sky High, Feel Alive, Magnificent Trip" and the final song ends with "Rocky & The Sweden, I'm Pot Head". But eventually it's not as silly as for example the GARLIC BOYS. Musically it's obviously completely different. Great traditional japanese hardcore with beautiful melodies and guitarlines. Lots of catchy midtempo songs with intense japanese vocals and excellent guitarwanks. All 8 songs rage. Definitely Highly Recommended! ●●●●●

PAINTBOX - "Cry Of The Sheeps" mini-CD
(H.G.Fact 142, 2001)

Sleeve made by Fumio, who did most of the PAINTBOX sleeves. Only 3 songs. "Cry Of The Sheep" is a midtempo (punk)rock song with an out-of-place gentleman choir... Well, on their latest releases they already experiment with "exotic" instruments and to be honest, I don't like it mucho at all. It destroys power and conviction probably for the sake of origininality or to try make a break to the mainstream? Who knows but it certainly goes the wrong direction coz I truly love the first bunch of records. The lyrics is so funny again, I can't help falling off the chair reading "Cry Of The Sheep, Fly On The Ship". The second song, "Big Ant", is a great uptempo tune with a totally catchy chorus ("Viva la viva la viva la traverring go"!) in the best Paintbox tradition. Third and final song is even faster and is an excellent re-make with a great twist of the last song from the "Singing Shouting Crying" LP. There's a ghosttrack at the end of the mcd. A twisted reggae version of the same song with mickey mouse vocals. Fucking weird. ●●●●

V/A - "Bloodsucking Freaks 2" CD
(Bloodsucker 003, 1992)

This is the split with CRUCIFIED JUNK and BANDIT. I never liked CRUCIFIED JUNK much. The songs are usually too long and boring, plus I can't stand the vocals. Outstanding song on this one is definitely "Astral Projection". Actually all these songs are quite good compared to their other releases. Sometimes reminding me of MUSHROOM ATTACK, soundwise and melodywise. And ofcourse we get our share of hilarity in the lyrics: "I want to be plant, youngest die, you get break society, why do you danceing all night?". But BANDIT fucken rules. Wow! They start full speed ahead with haunting tunes. When I first heard this, the second song sticked into my head for days. Dangerous stuff! There's also some very good midtempo (punkier) songs with great singalong parts and choruses. They finish off with a slow moody piece. A true classic. G R E A T ! ●●●●●

V/A - "Bloodsucking Freaks 4" 7"
(Bloodsucker 019, 1996)

A split record with CRUDE and VIOLENCE MOMENT. Since the CRUDE tour in December I've been trying to get all their releases and I believe this is one of their first. The recording quality is much better than on their debut reviewed up here. It's that typical sound with even a slight BASTARD sound in the guitar and p l e n t y  of vocals. Simple but very catchy again. I've never heard of VIOLENCE MOMENT before. They are (were?) from Toyohashi (Aichi area) and their side starts off with a windy synth intro merging into the first rocky song with enough wanking. It lacks necessary power and is quite monotonous. Second song is a rather bad IRON MAIDEN riff. Third was probably a filler coz it fades out after 1m30s. Maybe better coz it's the worst song of the record with far too much out of tune playing. "Your tears give me for infinite light". ●●

Poison - "Mystery Temptation" 7"
(Extasy Records, 1986)

This is pre-POISON ARTS. POISON ARTS rank high in my top 10 of alltime favorite japanese bands. POISON is great as well, surely because of Chelsea on guitar (better known for DEATHSIDE) and his big share in composing most of these songs. I believe this is the second release of POISON, the firstbeing "Hot Rod" 7". This is perfect crossover hardcore with great riffs and leads with the obligatory but brief wanking. All 4 songs are uptempo and I'm sure I have heard "Over Head" on some other release but haven't figured out which one. POISON ARTS took some POISON songs and also re-recorded/released some, so it can be confusing at times. Also I haven't conceived the "mystery temptation" theme yet. The cover has somekind of Rambo person, posing in a street of ruins. In one hand he's holding a rifle, and in the other... well, I dunno. Looks like a piece of bike.... The lyric of the song go like: "Night and day, my head, I felt an inpending danger, Shivering with fear, Out line". Doesn't exactly explain anything either. Rather complicates matters... Actually all lyrics on this record with danger and fighting. POISON's excellent 12" is called "Kick Rock" and is an ode to Thai Boxing. But the Mystery Temptation... ●●●●

Braineaters - "Braineaters" LP
(Human Stench Records 012, 2002)

Not really the most original of names (I believe every country must have a band called like this) but this one was recommended to me from a soulseek/DC friend in Osaka, so I first downloaded it to check it out but I was so astonished, that soon after I managed to find an original copy of this LP. I never knew it was pressed as a tour-only release of 150 copies...until I read the personal number on the sleeve and later the additional info on the Hardcore Holocaust website, who is going to re-release it sooner or later! Anyway, what can I say... Full raging speed, midpace blasts, first class production, great catchy tunes, exciting leads and it has this dripping traditional Japanese style in the vein of DEATHSIDE and LIPCREAM. The vocals tend to be a bit melodic at times but fortunately nothing annoying. Still powerful and thrilling. Too bad there's no lyricsheet. But then again, usual japanese lyrics raise more questions than answers... ●●●●●

V/A - "Hakodate City Hardcore" 7"
(M.C.R., 1997)

A split with CRUDE and GRASS. CRUDE has 3 songs from their debut on this one but re-recorded. Can't say if this is better or not but at least they took 3 of the better songs from that release! "Madly", "Firm Will", and "Limited Ever Life". Great stuff! GRASS is ok uptempo hardcore. Nothing spectacular or remarkable though. Or it must be the interference from a broken cable or something that buzzes through the whole recording. Too much of the same to be interesting except for the lyrics. They go for the most intrigueing songtitle of the month: "Naughtiness drives wish away". Fuckin' A! ●●●



the cupola that changed my life...Bunker @ Sterren In Het Bos, Groningen 23.08.81
Let's start this section with my biggest blast from the past. Every year, since 1974 until 1983, there was a music festival in Groningen called "Sterren In Het Bos" ("Stars In The Forest") and was held in a citypark about 5 minutes from my home. Every sunday in August had a big fest in the middle of the park with tons of bands. They usually had 2 locations, one in a cupola that was part of the park, and another one on a self-made stage. As my parents were very musicfonded (my father played in numerous bands as a guitarist, one of them was SUBWAY), they always went to them and usually took me along. I've seen bands like THE VIBRATORS, SCREWDRIVER, FLYIN' SPIDERS in 1978, THE CURE (their first ever foreign concert), STIFF LITTLE FINGERS and NINA HAGEN in 1979 and DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS and THE SHIRTS in 1980. Too bad I can't remember anything of the bands coz I was simply too young and not much interested. It was way more exciting to observe all those people doing sometimes crazy stuff and smoking alot. It was one big event with sometimes 3500 people swarming around. Just years later I actually realized what I saw (but missed)...
When I start secondary school in 1980, I am heavily into ska with THE SPECIALS as my absolute favorites. There are a bunch of striking students in higher classes calling themselves punks! And dressed the traditional way. Obviously I am intrigued by their appearance and start to check out the bands that are painted on the back of their jackets and their bags starting with THE DEAD KENNEDY'S, U.K.SUBS and THE CLASH. In july 1981 I buy my first punkrecord during an holiday in France: THE CLASH's "London Calling", mainly for the impressive sleeve! The last sunday in August 1981 I decide to go to the fest with another rudeboy instead of with my parents. It would become more or less a turningpoint in my life. When we hear there's also a punkband playing we head straight for the "stage", the music cupola in the middle of the park, where the band is already setting up their gear. We both sit on the right wall, in front of the band, and even more, in front of the crowd. We don't know the band called BUNKER at all. We really don't know what to expect. We are just some ignorant ska-kids checking out the scene. Well, in the meantime many punx are flocking to the stage. As soon as BUNKER starts playing, all hell breaks loose in front of the stage in the form of an impressive pogo-pit and we are sitting first-class! The band is making jokes and interacts alot with the crowd. It's all quite adventureous to say the least! And there I see most of the punks that are in my school as well! I can't remember much of BUNKER's sound or how they played but I was immensely impressed by the whole ambiance and occurrence. Next day I was punk too.

 thanks Koen Van Krimpen for this scan!



D.I. - "Team Good" 12"
Padlock - "Struggle In Red" CD
English Dogs - "Forward Into Battle" LP
Cursed - "One" CD
Braineaters - "Braineaters" LP
Rancid Cocks - "Hangover" LP
Vopos - "Dead Entertainment" LP
Conclusion - 7"
Without System - "What Will Be Will Be" CD
Etae - all 7"
Stalin - "Mushi" LP