Yes, it took a ridiculous while to get this thing done. Obviously lots has happened since the last issue and I'll try to cover some of the most important news. Next one will have some real reviews again!


Splitups, breakups, rest in pieces, hope-there-won't-be-a-reunion (DREAM ON!)

Dandare - Brouwerij, Hengelo 06.04.04PCP from Groningen
I left the band in January and the rest decided to definitely call it quits. In the past 10 years of existence, we've done alot of tours and 3 EP's plus a full CD. Oene the guitarplayer is busy with some other projects and Pelle is still busy drumming with FLEAS AND LICE.

SHIKARI from Groningen
Will do a farewell concert on 7th May in Simplon (small venue upstairs) with Seein'Red and another band. The split 7" with ACAO DIRETA has been released last year by UPS/De Graanrepubliek and the the new split 9" with Louis Cyphre will be out this month and the 1999-2004 tape for South East Asia has been released just recently. See for more info.

Some members joined SCUMNATION.

ILL11 from Groningen
Quit after their European tour. The drummer is now playing in GRINDING HALT and IRON CAGE.

DANDARE from Kampen/Den Haag
Drummer went on to play in VITAMIN X. Guitarplayer is in a new band called IRON CAGE.

COCKROACH from Panningen
Call it quits after 9 years. Just released a new CD called "Take Four". Will do a small UK tour and 4 more shows, Final show will be at Trashfest 9 in Hoogeveen in June.


Mindfok - Vera, Groningen 02.12.04
FLEAS AND LICE just returned from the studio and have recorded 11 new songs for a LP that is supposed to come out on Skuld Releases. The CD version and all old stuff will be re-released soon on Rodent Pop Sicle Records from the USA. March will have an European tour with THE DRUG DEALERS from Saint-Brieuc/France.
MAKILADORAS recorded and mixed 8 new songs in the Kuschelrock Studio in Bremen for a new LP/CD. This will be a thematic record about Genetic Technology and will be a co-release between 10-15 labels. The CD will be released by Too Circle from Japan. Hopefully out in may. Upcoming months will see some promotional touring with RADIO BIKINI regarding the recently released split 7" EP, and a 2 week French/Spanish tour.
INSTIL just returned from a tour from Denmark and Sweden. Their latest CD release "Fire Reflects In Ashes" gets alot of media attention.
THE LAST MILE will go into the studio soon to record for a new LP.
NOBBY NOXIOUS AND THE IMPREGNATORS recorded songs for a first release. Think catchy punkrock with ex-MOONLIZARDS drummer, FLEAS AND LICE guitarplayer and ex-FREE RANGE TIMEBOMB guitarplayer.
THE KICKERS is a relatively new punkrockband and plays with alot of enthusiasm and conviction. They do pretty well in the mainstream/commercial scene.
THE ARCHITECT is a new band of Daniel (THE LAST MILE drummer), Wouter (ex-REVOLT bass), Joop and Rene (both INSTIL) and are pretty technical metalhardcore with emphasis on Goteburg Metal.
BURN THE ELITE changed bassplayer.
MINDFOK is still struggling to release the latest recordings.
GRINDING HALT has replaced the drummer. Now Hanz/ILL11 is taking over that part. They play about 4 gigs a year.
IRON CAGE is a new band with Ferry DANDARE/LADS and Rene/THE LAST MILE, and describe themselves as emocore.

JOBCRUSHER from Zwolle have a new website at: and will go into the studio soon.
ANIMOSITY from the mideast plays sloppy trashcore. I believe they have a demotape.
MARY BELL from the south is heavy sludge with ALL TENSED UP! member.
PROPAGATOR from Hoogeveen reminds me abit of JOBCRUSHER. Fast and furious trashgrind and just recorded at Dirty Bird Studio.
DE WAONZIN from Utrecht has Pepijn from MIHOEN and are going to record in the famous Bunt's studio in May together with NUESTROS DERECHOS.
MIHOEN! from Utrecht will release something new soon. Grinding Halt - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 15.05.04
GEWAPEND BETON from Amsterdam are embryopunx playing great catchy punkcore.
SEEIN'RED from Amersfoort wil tour Japan in March 2005.
GILGAMESH has members from POINT OF FEW and BETERCORE and can best be described as screamo.
GASCOIGNE has members from GILGAMESH (gtr), PROPAGATOR (gtr), PAYROLL (bass) and BURN THE ELITE (drums) and play youthcrew?!
DARKWATERSCAM is another new band and more metal. Like Slayer on 16 rpm. Has members from INSTIL (gtr and vocs), and GILGAMESH (gtr). They have just added the MAKILADORAS guitarplayer on drums.
Alkmaar area news: BOYCOT 1995-2000 CD has been released and contains 48 songs and a nice booklet. OLHO DE GATO split up and Billie the singer went on to form SANGRE. Dan the drummer considers to keep going on though. Some new bands: MARKLAR rose from the ashes of ANARGEEKS and will record soon. HBG is another new band with ex-DISTROY drummer. HUMUS is still going with ex-BETERCORE and released a split 7" EP with LäRM AS FUCK (this is SEEIN'RED with Roy ATU on vocals). MAN MADE FILTH with ex-DISTROY. OMISSION with ex-BETERCORE.
SAF is still going strong. Mike D has joined/started a new sludge band called CHILDREN OF GOD
ANTIDOTE is doing a German tour with LOWER CLASS BRATS.
It seems DIE NAKSE BANANEN are also still going strong.
KRUSH took a break coz their drummer has some problems with his arm. Hope they will keep going coz they're one of the few good Dutch crusty bands left.
KRIEGSTANZ new split 7" EP with I SHOT CYRUS from Brasil will hopefully be out next month. Will be recording for a full length in April. They'll be touring the USA together with SEEIN'RED in July. Drummer Rogier now also plays in SANGRE, who already recorded for a 10".
Nico from CATHODE quit the band and is now doing a project with SICK TERROR member Fabio and CATHODE guitarplayer Mark. He was replace by Thale from THE BARNHOUSE EFFECT.
THE BARNHOUSE EFFECT continues with a female singer.
KEZUS KRIJST is from Rotterdam and play very catchy dutchlanguage and uptempo punk. Reminded me of Rastaknast alot! They have a cool 7" out!
HYSTERIA from Amsterdam is still going but nothing released (yet).

Abuse Records from Belgium is putting out the 3 classic Holland Hardcore Tapes which were released back in the 80's with tons of great bands. This will be a 5.5 LP set with lots of extra info. This is already an instant classic! There might be a big releaseparty with bands from this compilation (the ultimate dutch hardcorepunk reunion).

Hoogeveen Trashfest launched a website last year with an archive and all upcoming activities.

Master Of Chaos, Dejan of the Villa Friekens studio, is organising a BGK tribute. In 2-3 days, a shitload of bands will record a BGK song in his studio. He's still collecting bands, so if you're interested drop him a line at

2004-2005 RELEASES
ALL FOR NOTHING - Start At Zero CDEP (AFN Records, NL)
ANTIDOTE - Tegengif/Ziedend Van Woede 7" EP split with SEEIN'RED (Attack Records, GER)
ANTILLECTUAL - Silencing Civilization (Angry Youth, NL)
BAMBIX - Live At Hangar 110, Sao Paulo CD (Nitro, BRA)
BAMBIX - What's In A Name CD/LP (re-release, Daemon, USA)
BAMBIX - Club Matuchek CD/LP (Go-Kart, GER)
BLOOD I BLEED - Blood I Bleed 7" EP (Fast And Furious, NL)
BLOOD I BLEED - split 7" with UNHOLY GRAVE from Japan (Out Of Control, CZE)
BLOOD I BLEED - split 7" with UNDER PRESSURE from Canada (Podruido, USA)
BOYCOT - Total Boycot 1995-2000 CD (Angry Records, ITA)
CATHODE - split 7" EP with SICK TERROR from Brasil (UPS, NL)
COCKROACH - Take Four CD (Kaz Re-Chords, SLO)
DODEWAARD - split LP with THE PEOPLE LISTENING, WONDER (Adagio 830/Grab The Stars/Monocore/Mashnote, INT)
GILGAMESH - This Could Be A Set Up MCD (Hectic Records, NL)
HOT 'N STEAMY MONKEYLOVE - Hot 'n Steamy Monkeylove CD (Deadlock, NL)
HUMUS - Campaign For Musical Destruction 7" EP split with LARM AS FUCK (Wastedyouthpower, NL)
INSTIL - Fire Reflects In Ashes CD (Garden Of Exile, NL)
KEZUS KRIJST - Kezus Krijst 7" (Selfreleased, NL)
KRUSH - split 7" EP with GRITOS DE ALERTA from Brasil (UPS, NL)
LARM AS FUCK - Campaign For Musical Destruction 7" EP split with HUMUS (Wastedyouthpower, NL)
LARM - Never Too Old To Pogo LP (Bootleg)
LAST TO GO - Young Studs And Rusty Razors split LP with SHAGGABLE SLUTS (Kill Art Rock Records, NL)
LAST TO GO - The More You Search The Less You Find CD (Fast Track, NL)
LOS ASESINOS DE LA SUPERFICIALIDAD - Luchas Abstractas 7" EP (Verse-Chorus-Verse, USA)
MAKILADORAS - split 7" with RADIO BIKINI (UPS/DP/Tofu Guerrilla/Svaveldioxid/Trabuc, INT)
MALKOVICH - Malkovich CD (Coalition, NL)
MALKOVICH - 017 CDEP (Reflections, NL)
MALKOVICH - A Criminal Record CD (Reflections, NL)
MATKA TERESA - split 7" with FUCK ON THE BEACH from Japan (RSR, GER)
MIHOEN - split 7" EP with SICK TERROR from Brasil (UPS, NL)
MIHOEN - Mihoen 7" EP (Selfreleased, NL)
MISTAKE - Pancakes Is Another Religion, So Fuck Your Painted Smile 7" EP (Kutpunk Records, NL)
MISTAKE - The Split EP 7"EP split with NO HOODLUMS (Pogopunx, NL)
MISTAKE - Out Of Existence 7"EP (Kutpunk Records, NL)
NO HOODLUMS - The Split EP split with MISTAKE (Pogopunx, NL)
OLHO DE GATO - 3 Ways Of Armageddon CD split with SOCIAL CHAOS & IRRITATE (FIA/Buchos Discos/UPS, INT)
OMISSION - Omission 7" EP (Selfreleased, NL)
RADIO BIKINI - split 7" with MAKILADORAS (UPS/DP/Tofu Guerrilla/Svaveldioxid/Trabuc, INT)
RAZOR CRUSADE - Infinate Water CD (Reflections, NL)
SACK-O'-WOES - Sack-O'-Woes 10" (U-Lit/Geesthuis, NL)
SEEIN'RED - Tegengif/Ziedend Van Woede 7" EP split with ANTIDOTE (Attack Records, GER)
SKULLS AND FLAMES - Skulls And Flames 12" EP (Dead Area, NL)
SHAGGABLE SLUTS - Young Studs And Rusty Razors split LP with LAST TO GO (Kill Art Rock Records, NL)
Rockin Squat in Amsterdam looks like tower of Pisa!SHIKARI - split 7" EP with PHOENIX BODIES from USA (Electric Human Project, USA)
SHIKARI - split 7" EP with ACAO DIRETA from Brasil (UPS/De Graanrepubliek, NL)
SHIKARI - 1999-2003 CD (Level Plane, USA)
THE BIPS - If Life Was Like CD/LP (Red Giant Records, GER)
THE PEOPLE LISTENING, WONDER - split LP with DODEWAARD (Adagio 830/Grab The Stars/Monocore/Mashnote)
VITAMIN X - Bad Trip LP/CD (Havoc Records, USA)
VARIOUS - Parkhof Kerstival 2003 CD with CATHODE, ANTIDOTE, OdG, MMF and KRIEGSTANZ (Selfreleased, NL)
VARIOUS - CD with 25 Dutch bands (Pleurop, NL)

Co-9 squat in Zwolle got evicted. A new building has been squatted and they're already opened a bar.
Opdrift squat in Groningen won a courtcase and will have a brighter future for now.
Bar Le Duc squat in Groningen is facing threat of eviction but nothing is certain yet.
Rockin squat in Amsterdam is doing more and more gigs.



GOODBYE 2004, HELLO 2005
Well, I guess the first 3 weeks of 2005 started off more hectic than the whole of 2004... Anyway, here's for some memorable moments.
1st February: Converge dudes freak out when we take our Ampeg 8x10" basscabinet off the stage just before their gig in De Volta in Amsterdam. Pretty embarrassing scene considering they had their own backline with them and had the same stuff in the car just around the corner. Even more since it was agreed we'd take our stuff after our gig. Don't they have an A word for this?
Makiladoras is the first Dutch DIY band to tour Israel in March. I had double feelings not joining them but eventually I regret to have missed this challenging experience.
Skint - Bar Le Duc, Groningen 26.03.0419th March: we play with PCP in Hamburg. I'd forgot about the particular greeting tradition here and am confronted with it again. Before the gig started, Mike the soundman, got into a fight with someone in the crowd. Nothing wrong with a good fight but I was concerned coz it moved violently towards my drumkit. I rapidly went to the doorpeople and explained the situation to get some help. Somehow nobody did anything just stood watching and I didn't feel to come in between those maniacs. When I mentioned it was the soundman involved, they just laughed and waved me away. When I got back I saw Mike and his opponent embracing eachother as if they are the best of friends. Then I suddenly remembered Hamburg greeting rituals.
26th March: first gig in the Bar le Duc squat. This one is even smaller than the Kortsluiting squat in Utrecht. Locals Makiladoras, Skint and Ill11 play and the place is packed.
01st April: Some friendly guy called Tollebom offered bands a bunch of companyhats with their bandlogo sprayed on. It was like 5 euro for 30 hats. I couldn't resist and send him the Shikari logo. When we played in the Vera club in Groningen with Keelhaul, Sjakie/Mindfok brought them for us from Alkmaar. They were truly horrendous, with the companylogo shining through. We all gave them out and whenever I watch the crowd during our set, I see that 1st GGI Festival in Clonroche may 2004hideous thing everywhere. Hilarious.
3rd April: the guys from Temple Bacchus Addicts brought a DIY drugkit with them on tour (with Riistetyt and Fleas And Lice). It was this professional looking "foldout" suitcase that was put with the other "official" merchandise and this has all kinds of drugs layed out. Coke, speed, pills, marihuana... ofcourse all fake but it looked like the real thing. Ofcourse you could easily see it was a joke except for the druggies and diehards who insisted to take a sample to check the quality and trying to negotiate good prices. HAHAHAHA!!!
13th April: the vocalequipment in De Brouwerij squat in Hengelo. It's amazing. They did so many gigs and even benefit shows for getting better equipment but it seems it only gets worse with the Selfish concert as a "climax". So do like we always do, take your own stuff so you don't fuck up your singer and the crowd get what they deserve.
28th April: played with Shikari in Bremen while I suffered from an intestinal flu. I managed to complete 6 or 7 songs but I've learned my lesson well. 
Also in April I won a prize in a lottery, an all-in tour to a European city of choice. I already forgot I participated so it came as a big surprise. We picked Roma as the city to visit and everything was paid including hotel and flight. Weather was perfect and we stayed 4 days sightseeing and discovering the greatest of Italian kitchen. Our returnflight was canceled in the last minute and we stayed at the Hilton to get a first class return flight the next day. I couldn't believe the special treatment and before you know time's up and you're completely drunk at your destination.
May/June: first edition of the GGI fest in Ireland! GGI stands for Groningen, Glasgow, Ireland and is a celebration of the punk ties those cities have with eachother. This one had tons of Irish bands and a bunch of Glasgowian and Groningen bands (Makiladoras, PCP and Fleas And Lice). It was my first time to fly to a gig instead of travelling by van. If possible I'd rather have this become also the last time ever to fly with equipment coz the way they treated the stuff was just appalling. The gigs were amazing though and this first edition of the GGI fest was a truly succesful event. This year we'll have it in Groningen.
2nd July had the birthdayparty of Jos/SR and Dick/Possible Suspect and celebrated in the ACU with a very noisy Selfish - Brouwerij, Hengelo 13.04.04Shikari gig and a sloppy-as-fuck Human Alert. One of the singers was dressed as Jos in his twenties, bandana style et all. Very impressive!! In the meantime I think Jos has started a business in 40th anniversary birthday cups...
Also in July Bart quit Makiladoras and I replaced him debuting with the worst gig I've ever done on this Metalfest in Hoogeveen. That was a complete failure thanks to the monitorman and the fixed drumkit. Oh well.
October was memorable coz I had to play 2 sets in a row (with Makiladoras & PCP) on the Liege fest. For the first and probably last time coz during the 2nd set the food was not planning to stay inside of me. Damn! December had the Crude/PCP european tour and will be writing a brief report in the next newsletter. We ended the year with a smashing sylvesterparty in Hamburg at the No Pasaran venue with a couple of great and terrible bands. A very appropriate ending of the year. 2004 seemed to have set a new trend anyway. Hardcore/punk with drum and bass only. So after the obvious flop of inserting exotic instruments into punk (cello, violin, didgeridoo, flute...), we're now celebrating a new yet desperate attempt by mediocre bands at originality. I give it 2 years... For the rest, the year wasn't musically too exciting and I could only find 3 releases that are worth mentioning.

1. Vomitory - Primal Massacre CD
Deathmetal from Sweden. This is the follow up to Blood Rapture, one of my favorites releases of alltime and almost impossible to beat. Primal Massacre comes close and contains all the ingredients of a brilliant release. This is one of the few bands that combine fast disbeats with the usual 2/4 beat.

2. Motorhead - Inferno CD
I was never a fan of this band. I like some songs (Killed By Death!) but overall I thought it was highly overrated.  Until I heard this one. I played this everyday.

3. Zeroid - 2004 CD
The 10" is still my favorite but this ranks high anyway. Same style, some progression in the songwriting but not with particulary more catchiness. Definitely one of the best in it's genre.

Crude action in RostockBEST CONCERT
1. Crude - all 18 European Tour gigs december 2004
What can I say. They were born for making catchy and convincing hardcore music. Even when they improvise, it sounds wayy cool.

2. Zeroid - Schlachthof, Bremen GER 25.07.04
Their very final show. Much too soon. My favorite song "Present Perfect" was dedicated to me. What does one need more...

3. From Ashes Rise - Platformtheater, Groningen 08.07.04
Somehow alot of people were let down but I was blown away. This was more or less the last gig from their tour on which they played with their own backline. Truly magnificent. A pity the sound in Platformtheater always suck, but that was no prob for FAR coz they gave it all!

4. Keelhaul - Vera, Groningen 01.04.04
I usually never listen to this style but Keelhaul impressed me. Totally tight and moving music. Sometimes a bit dragging but they got my attention throughout the whole set.

5. Phoenix Bodies - Trashfest 7, Het Podium, Hoogeveen 12.06.04
Their last show of the tour. They played downstairs and destroyed everything. Chuggachuggagrind. Both the band and crowd went nuts.

WORST CONCERTFleas And Lice - Allah is bigger than USA
1. Humus - Trashfest 6, Het Podium, Hoogeveen 27.03.04
Running around swinging their instruments, lots of acrobatics and spectacle but musically mainly noise pollution. Entertaining to watch, unbearable to hear.
2. Blood Or Whiskey - GGI Fest, Clonroche IRE 29.05.04
They closed the first day and boy, they must have been absolutely wasted coz this was the worst. Should sound melodic and catchy, they ruined their sound with awful out-of-tune "playing". You need to be very very drunk to appreciate this. Too bad I do not drink.

3. The Rites, Knifefight, Cut The Shit, DFA - Trashfest 7, Het Podium, Hoogeveen 12.06.04
A whole string of overrated 80's revival youthcrew bands that bored the shit out of me. Combine this with the (traditional) bad sound in the upstairs hall and you have more than 4 wasted hours.

4. PCP - Zenith, Stendal GER 11.07.04
Well, first time I mention one of my own bands. If I had to watch this instead of playing, this would be listed here definitely so there you go. Fortunately the entire crowd was as drunk as my fellow bandmembers so probably nobody remembers about this anyway. I guess I should forget this one as well. What a pathetic performance...

5. Makiladoras - Occult Fest, Hoogeveen 04.09.04
Second time I mention one of my own bands. Although many would disagree, I was forced to rape the songs. This was a metalfest so you'd think the sound organisation is professional. The fixed drumkit couldn't be adjusted so I was not able to make any fills on those steep angled toms. After numerous attempts, the soundman still refuses to give me any sound in my monitor so I had to guess most of the songs. This was my first Makiladoras gig....

6. Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg - Winston, Amsterdam 16.09.04
Pretentious collegerock. Did not fit the bill with Daughters and Shikari. They should try making money elsewhere.

7. Cockroach - AJZ, Mulheim GER 03.10.04
They were stressed coz had some difficulties with their car on the way to the venue. Still, this didn't make sense. Sloppy, out-of-tune, and wellmeant but embarrassing speeches.... OUCH!

8. Animosity - Brouwerij, Hengelo 21.10.04
They should practise ALOT more before going on stage.


(NOTE: only north and mid-east Holland!)

Simplon, Groningen
07.05.05. Shikari FINAL SHOW!! + friends (Seein'Red & The Now Denial) - Simplon Bovenzaal

Vera, Groningen
18.03.05. Fleas And Lice + Makiladoras + Drug Dealers (FRA)
09.04.05. RCA - Downstage
23.04.05. Darkwaterscam + The Architect - Downstage

Opdrift, Groningen
30.04.05. Ballast (CAN/USA) + 1

ORKZ, Groningen
22.04.05. Espea Measa (IRE) + HBG + Stank + Mindfok
15.06.05. Attila The Stockbroker (UK)

Platformtheater, Groningen
19.03.05. Every Snake Is Sleeping + Go Revolution Go + Gilgamesh + Omission

Het Podium, Hoogeveen

12.03.05. Among The Living FINAL SHOW + 50 Caliber + Dominator + Remain
30.04.05. Black Rodeo + Playroll + Cerebral Tumor + Blood Bastard + Approximately + The Cretins + The Architect + Burn The Elite + Thank Christ For The Bomb + Grindminded + Transylvania + Massive Assault
TRASHFEST 9 / 3 days
24.06.05. Mihoen! + Cockroach (FINAL SHOW) + Paranoia Keeps Crawling (GER) + Cameron + Fubar + Antillectual + De Waonzin + Radio Bikini + Gewapend Beton

25.06.05. [R]Evolution Of A Sun (IRE) + Bones Brigade + Malkovich + RNR (USA) + Makiladoras + Look Back And Laugh (USA) + Zann (GER) + Justice (BEL) + Omission + The Shining + Bombenalarm + Eaves (GER) + Hellstrom (GER) + Restless Youth + Officer Jones (BEL) + Bones Brigade (USA) + Doomtown + Kobayashi

26.06.05. Stabbed In The Fuck (GER) + Rest (IRE) + Soberesponse + Down To Nothing (USA) + Deadstop (BEL) + Betercore (REUNION SHOW) + Army Of Flying Robots (UK) + Point Of Few (FINAL/REUNION SHOW) + Perth Express (GER) + HK (FRA) + Vitamin X + The 244 GL (GER) + Martyrdod (SWE) Crude B.E. (GER) + The Last Mile + The Heartaches (BEL) + LARM (REUNION SHOW WITH ORIGINAL 1ST 1982 LINE-UP)

De Brouwerij, Hengelo

Innocent, Hengelo
08.03.05. Strike First + Anger Rises + Downslide
09.03.05. Martyr AD + Dead To Fall
22.03.05. Downset + De Mean + Maroon
07.04.05. Crushing Caspars + Spider Crew + Line Of Defense + Human Demise + Black Cloud Halo
15.04.05. Deny Everything + Outbreak
12.05.05. Zero Mentality + Born From Pain
20.05.05. Barcode + 1
27.05.05. Dead Stop + Strike First + Violent Minds + Bones Brigade + Human Demise + Turn The Screw
04.07.05. Murphy's Law + I-Reject + Black Cloud Halo
10.07.05. Walls Of Jericho + Dominator + 50 Caliber (MATINEE!)
22.07.05. Insted + A Step Apart + Haunted Life


Wednesday 23 March: Peniche Alternat, Paris FRA
Thursday 24 March: Saint-Etienne FRA
Friday 25 March: Rock
'nTrini, Barcelona SPA
Saturday 26 March: Jaraba SPA
Sunday 27 March: Udondo Gaztetxe, Leioa SPA
Monday 28 March: Laudio, Euskadi SPA
Tuesday 29 March: Trintxerpe, Pasaia SPA
Wednesday 30 March:
Le Local du Clav, Bordeaux FRA
Thursday 31 March:
Mat'sa Cafe, La Roche Sur Yon FRA
Friday 01 April:
Le Subway. Vallet FRA
Saturday 02 April:
Le Floride, Nantes FRA
Sunday 03 April:
Le Labo, Lille FRA

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Immolation - Harnessing Ruins CD
Cursed - II LP
OST - Ocean's Eleven CD
Satan - Court In The Act LP
Motorhead - Inferno CD
Makiladoras - Gentech advance LP
Audioslave - Audioslave CD
Toxocara - Toxocara CD
At The Drive In - Relationship Of Command CD
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Eat Static - Abduction CD
Wishbone Ash - Argus LP
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