Yes, it took a while to get this thing done. Without any help, it appears to be quite a task to get this page properly filled. So I've decided to make this an irregular newsletter. Next one comes out when it is interesting enough. This time I have focused on some news and a brief retrospective view on 2003. So, here we go with the Dutch news:

BANDNEWS:Betercore - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 27.09.2003

Splitups, breakups, rest in pieces, hope-there-won't-be-a-reunion or BANDS THAT ARE NO MORE section:

LOMB from Zwolle
broke up in November 2003. Kind of bitter coz they just released a split 7" with OLHO DE GATO on UPS. Bassplayer and drummer (also in MAKILADORAS) formed a new band with some people of BLAAT. Good luck!

BREZHNEV from Amsterdam
broke up in april 2003. one of the longest running dutch punkbands (since 1988). the bassplayer plays guitar for GOOD OLD HABIT.

BETERCORE from Alkmaar
already had a severe line-up change not too long ago, but started this new year by calling it quits.

REVOLT from Groningen
just released a 2nd demo but never did so many gigs. their drummer also plays for THE LAST MILE.

TEMPERS RISE from Amsterdam
i believe they broke up already long time ago, maybe even early 2003?

ANARGEEKS from Alkmaar
snotty geekcorefreaks probably find new projects to torture our hearing...

BORN SUSPICIOUS from Hoogeveen
recorded a demo at Villa Friekens but broke up last autumn. some of them are already in other bands.

The Last Mile 7''NEW RELEASES:

The BGK cover (Regering Krijg De Tering) by LOMB has some secs missing due to a pressingmistake? At least i can't hear it...) OLHO DE GATO continue with their songtitles named after (probably?) their favorite bands. Both recorded in the Villa Friekens studio run by Olho De Gato drummer Dejan.

THE LAST MILE - Designed To Compensate The Lack Of Intrinsic Motivation 7"
A whole mouth full, but it's worth it. Great and solid release on Graanrepubliek and Opiate records

VALS - Punk Is In! 7"
Very nice DIY "cut and paste" release. Catchy anarchopunk with some good Dutch language lyrics! Actually one of the few bands that take the effort to write at least in Dutch!

ANARGEEKS/MAN MADE FILTH - homemade cd-r on Wasted Youth Power Records
If you like it fast, sloppy and snotty, then this is for you! Both bands from Alkmaar. ANARGEEKS already split up.

I got the hand-numbered pre-release with alternate cover. Live, this is a powerhouse but on this record rather dissapointing and weak. There's no guitarblast and too loud vocals and drums. Very cool (english language) lyrics though.

This is a benefit LP for the Philippine ABC. CONTAINER CRUSTIES is more or less a French/Dutch project with members active for the Maloka collective in Dijon. They already did a crazy tour through Singapore, Malaysia and I believe Indonesia. First Dutch punkband to do this.

DANDARE - Uncritical Mass CD
recorded at the Bunt's Studio in Utrecht and their best so far. raging oldskool hardcore. simple yet effective.


ILL11 are busy planning a tour for end of April/beginning of may to Germoney, France, Spain, Luxembourg and probably Belgium. I hope to put their schedule here as soon as everything's confirmed.
SHIKARI is preparing new songs for the 12" on Level Plane Records. In april about 8 songs will be recorded in the Kuschelrock Studios in Bremen. The split 7" with SIN DIOS from Madrid on La Idea records is scheduled for february/march 2004. Right now Level Plane is busy releasing a SHIKARI compilation CD with the Robot Wars 10", the split 10", the 7", the 3"mcd, Maximaal Onthaal song and a bonussong (Fall On Proverb/Unbroken cover). Hopefully out before the summer.
INSTIL has released a split CD called Heartopsy with KIDS VS. COLUMBUS. I haven't heard this one yet but expect Fun with Fleas And Lice during Crude in OCCII Amsterdamsome quality midpaced metal here. They're planning to enter the studio again in February. Playing live 1st of February with CONVERGE, SHIKARI and more in Amsterdam!
MAKILADORAS recorded and mixed their 2 songs for the upcoming split 7" with RADIO BIKINI. It was done in the studio of ex-ABSORBED and MASSIVE ASSAULT guitarplayer Ferdy. So you can imagine this one is going to sound a bit different than their 10".... They also recorded a STATE OF FEAR cover by the way. The 10" has been repressed and widely available again.
PCP finally found a label to release their 2002 recordings. Canard Musique from Brittany is the name and the CD will contain those 10 songs which were recorded in the Kuschelrock Studio in the old line-up. There's also an offer to appear on a compilation CD with SICK TERROR, F.D.S. and ATTENTAT SONORE.
FLEAS AND LICE did the first couple gigs with a new (Scottish) 2nd guitarist (ex-MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE).
SEEIN'RED from Amersfoort had to cancel their Brasilian tour in November. When arriving on Schiphol airport, it appeared that the company couldn't guarantee a flight further than Paris! The next day would be possible for 2 persons to fly straight to Sao Paulo but then, where would the third person be? Also the day of departure from Brasil was uncertain. So they decided it would be better to cancel. A band's worst nightmare I'd say... At least one lesson can be learned, never take the risk of standby tickets when you want to have 100% certainty! Next SEEIN'RED release is a split 7" with ANTIDOTE from Den Haag. Also Peculio Records from Brasil, done by Boka of RDP, has released somekind of compilation with their splits with SHIKARI and YAPHET KOTTO (still delayed). During the last SEEIN'RED recordingsession, they also recorded  15 old LÄRM songs with Roy/ALL TENSED UP on vocals. In this line-up they also did 4 gigs in 2002. Seven of these songs will be released on a split 7" with HUMUS (from Alkmaar).
CATHODE from Rijssen is now doing a tour through Uruguay, Brasil and Argentina.
RADIO BIKINI from Eindhoven planned a 10" with CAPITAL DEATH from Canada. The split 7" with HISTERIA (from Amsterdam/Den Haag) has been canceled. HISTERIA will be using these songs for a split LP.
SLUGTHROWER is a new band with ALL TENSED UP and SAF members. This is Melvins/Sleep style.
MY MINDS MINE split up long time ago and members started BLOOD I BLEED. First release will be a split with UNDER PRESSURE (ex-GLW) from Canada. 
UPS Records will be doing some interesting projects this year such as a KRIEGSTANZ/I SHOT CYRUS 7", CATHODE/SICK TERROR 7", MIHOEN/SICK TERROR 7"... Richard/UPS is now in Brasil recording with SICK TERROR and having a good time whatsoever! And by the way, UPS #9 is out since november! It's a splitzine with Platform made by Ed/SAF.
KRUSH members play in alot of different bands and one of them is ONLY ENTERTAINMENT (active since 1994). In december they won a competition for making a cover of a christmas song (by Dutch superstar Andre Hazes) and played the song on national radio and television in real cool hawaii shirts. Click HERE to watch it.
COCKROACH has two songs on the Dutch instructional skate DVD called CLUE and directed by Billy Pols.
FUBAR, crusty grind from Nederweert, will release 6 songs on a split 7" with MATKA TERESA plus a split CD with CATHETER.
Lage Der A Squat, GroningenVenues:
Het Fort Van Sjakoo, most popular Dutch infoshop in Amsterdam, has finally collected enough money to eventually buy the place. Because the rent was raised with 900% (!!) about a year ago, their future was uncertain. Thanks to benefits, collections, gifts, loans etc etc (all from the "scene"), they finally have the means to buy the place. On 9th january they had a party in the Vrankrijk "squat" with THE EX and DJ's. Congratulations!
De Vliegende Hond squat in Utrecht however, faces a severe eviction threat. They had a solidarity demonstration on 29th November and the Dutch consolate in Birmingham/UK was occupied in solidarity with the Dutch squat! The city is trying some new tricks to evict squats in a legal way. A huge shame especially since the place developed into a real active meetingground with a skatepark, recycle-shop, concerthall with bar, ateliers... But, currently they're still going!
Other big squats that got evicted are the Pariaschool in Veldhoven and De Blauwe Aanslag in Den Haag, which was probably Holland's longest running squat. They did a series of goodbye festivals in the last weeks and some resisted the eviction that got into the national news as well. Some politicians are busy to make a new law making squatting illegal. I wonder how fast this will develop.
As you could read last year, we were busy with a concertplace here in Groningen. Unfortunately the plan failed due to a much too uncertain situation. In december a big warehouse was squatted in the middle of the centre. It is considered to make some sort of bar in it, but the future of the building is still obscure. In a squatted supermarket in the south of the city was already one concert. It might be possible to make other gigs there as well. Another squat in the citycentre (Zuiderdiep, next to Pathe cinema), will have a try-out gig on 31st January. If this works out alright, expect more activities! And finally this month was squatted a building of the scouting movement in a local park. I've been told they're working on a concertroom. So all in all it looks quite promising for this upcoming year. Stay tuned!


Sayadinna (© Jos-c-red)23.11.03. Kriegstanz + Betercore + Shikari + Cyness (GER) + Sayadinna (SWE) @ Platformtheater, Groningen NL
Platformtheater. Since 2001, several groups of people are organizing gigs in the Platformtheater, resulting in a big variety of (hardcore) bands and crowds. Best thing about this place is its location. It’s near the inner city-centre, opposite of the Simplon youthcenter and has a very low threshold opposed to ‘out-of-centre-places’ and squats. Lots of gigs have visitors that just drop by to see what’s going on or just to check it out. Good thing about the place is it’s atmosphere. The lighting is cosy and if the bands are set up in front of the high stage, there’s usually a very pleasant vibe. Also a good thing is the rent is not so high unless it is booked for a weekend. So most gigs happen in weekdays. Still, you need a big crowd to break even because the bar goes to the venue. And needless to say, the barprices are high. A lot of people bring their own drinks. It was never a problem until last couple of gigs the complaining started. Anyway, it’s been about half year since we/SHIKARI played Groningen and at least 2 years since this venue so it was time again. KRIEGSTANZ was added to the bill so we had a total of 5 bands. At 18.00 we were the first to arrive and were welcomed by organizer Jeroen and Jop/GILGAMOSH and friend. KRIEGSTANZ dropped in soon and I exchanged some really cool records with Jos. SPEEDTWINS LP and LULLABIES 7”. Great classic Dutch punk and essential for my ambitious Dutch Punk Archive. After setting up the backline and meeting with the other bands, we’re off for dinner just across the street. They prepared the house Skandinavian style coz the heater is overburning with temperatures above 30 degrees celcius. The dinner is just excellent, very delicious spinachpie. By now we have a hard time getting back to the place because of the heat and food. When we eventually arrive, KRIEGSTANZ has started. A great wall of catchy noise. They’re getting better with every gig I see. KRIEGSTANZ has been evolved from ORWELL NATION, and is formed in april 2003. After some memberchanges, they currently have SEEIN’RED (bass), CATHODE (guitar), THE BARNHOUSE EFFECT (guitar and vocals) members. Style can be described as neocrust. You know, mixing Skandinavian and modern Yankeesound with lowtuning and disbeats. It seems they’re developing their own sound, which is quite essential for this style coz most bands seem to merely clone their favorites. This night they agreee to do their first release with Unsociable from Bremen/Germoney (hello Stachel!). So apart from the fact that Rogier and Jos fuck up one or more songs and one of the Platform workers urge them to play softer, this is definitely a fruitful evening for them. In the back near the bar is a big supermarket. Most stuff comes from a Polish guy who sells some great shirts. I give away a bunch of copies of my new bootleg CDr and help BETERCORE setting up the drumkit. They slap through a short but raging set. Always fun to watch. By now the room has filled. Some 150 people present including a lot of “outsiders”. It’s 21.00 and we are doing our best to delay a bit coz it’s so fucking early! Anyway, SHIKARI fuck up practically all songs although many people fortunately don’t seem to notice it. After the set I feel like crawling under a rock. Probably my worst and most embarrassing performance this year so far. The only thing I feel good about is not giving in on the annoying demands by the Platformtheater workers to turn down the volume. Cyness (© Jos-c-red)CYNESS and SAYADDINA use their own backline so I start packing my drumkit onstage. Some CYNESS members I already know coz they double in Y from Berlin. When I heard them last year during the Para Raio festival, I was very impressed. Deathmetalgrind with a brutal female vocalist. But what happened? Here they play with a different vocalist and without bassplayer… I read on their webpage their bassplayer died in an accident?! Anyway. the drumming is relentless but I can’t help to be very disappointed when comparing this with last year. Too bad. SAYADINNA from Sweden seems to have quite a reputation coz I hear a lot of people raving about them. This is probably also because they have NASUM and VICTIMS members, recorded in the famous Sunlight studio and are on the American Relapse label. It sure was fun to watch the guitarplayer doing this gimmick of spitting in the air and catching it with his face. Or the bassplayer struggling with his guitarstring. Musically it is rather boring, done a million times before. It’s not bad or something, just nothing special or exciting. Nevertheless it was a nice night for most of us, with good organization, friendly bands/people and an impressive KRIEGSTANZ! ©

13.11.03. Asschapel (USA) + The Last Mile @ De Brouwerij, Hengelo NL
One month ago I was here with Shikari/Makiladoras/Ekkaia and that was a definite blast (read all about it in #2). Great (but rather painful) place and atmosphere so we were hoping for the best! After a too long drive we arrived around 20.00 which seems to be still early for Brouwerij standards. Got some nice food and met a bunch of friends. Not too many people present though. It looks as they're overbooked coz when see their schedule, they do gigs almost every week! People get selective and obviously some gigs will suffer from this. About 40 people witness THE LAST MILE playing a blasting set. Usually their sound suffers because of too low tuned guitar, resulting in a blurr. But today was just perfect. All melodies and dynamics could be ondergone! Great!! In between bands, checked the UPS distro and Richard's preparations for his long Brasil trip. Also he brought me a B I G box filled with Dutch punk/hc records, cd's and tapes from his own collection. Mostly end-of-the-80's and 90's stuff AND a definite help for completing my mission to collect all Dutch releases. Also bought a bunch of Dutch records. Usually I don't buy much records but today was a good day to spend some money. Never knew KRUSH already released a bunch of 7" ers back in the late 90's. There's too much to get this completed..... H E L P ! ASSCHAPEL is ready to start. I've heard some stories about them being a pisstake on metal and such so, I'm expecting some sort of HELL'S KITCHEN who did this thing perfectly back in the 80's. Well, after the first ASSCHAPEL song, I didn't know what to think. After the second and third song, the shirts came off and the guitars, fingers and hair was waving but no way could you tell this was a pisstake. It looked rather like a very poor HERESY wanna-be clone. Communication was at a minimum and musically... it was even worse. Very high speed but sloppy metalcore. The guitar sounded so thin and crappy, I couldn't believe it. And because of the intense posing, it sounded even worse. Oh well.

Mihoen, Makiladoras & Crew en France!GOODBYE 2003, HELLO 2004
Generally, 2003 was a rather quiet year with almost no tours. It was also the first new years eve that we spent in Holland. February had some memorable moments such as the SHIKARI concert in a local squatbar where the complete band was covered in beer, sweat and bruises. A true classic. The MAKILADORAS/MIHOEN! tour was an adventure as well with a great surprise in G18 in Bremen: DEAN DIRGE. We expected a generic emoband but got simple yet straightforward and catchy punkrock. Fuckin' A! After 3 days Arno, singer of MIHOEN! got sick and couldn't make the gig in Bochum while MIHOEN! decided to do an instrumental set. Same story 2 days later in Gent. Paris was fullhouse with a very thrashy and moving slampit. We met many friends there and I never forget the paranoid squatters that constantly locked us in and out of certain rooms. MAKILADORAS continued the tour through Germoney with a great gig in Berlin which was more or less a hole in the ground.
8th February was the day I heard the shocking news that Johan Van Leeuwen had died the day before. Johan was the editor of Holland's longest running zine De Nieuwe Koekrand. He wrote a couple of books and despite his illness, he continued with great enthusiasm as long as possible. He was a great inspiration and is sorely missed...
February was also memorable because of our discovery that the SHIKARI master was too long to be pressed properly on 7" format. It took 2 testpressings and a fucked up (and thankfully only 500) US pressing to detect. Nightmarish to say the least. Fortunately the thing got re-released on CDEP in september! March started off with a weekend in Madrid where Eva was invited to join Sin Dios on 2 concerts for a DVD. During this time we were in the middle of the anti-war manifestations. We went to a demonstration with over 1 million people. It was most impressive. Actually, that whole anti-war debate lived quite alot in Spain since there were banners and flyers hanging outside /on windows in almost every street. Too bad we had to stay so short but it was worth it. I was very happy to meet all my friends again and see people from Benidorm and Galicia. Hopefully the DVD will be out this year. SIN DIOS more or less split up again so question is if they're gonna continue with a new bassplayer or not...
March was also particulary exciting because of a PCP mini-tour with RAW POWER from Italy. My scepsis of old bands exploiting their old fame and status was once again affirmed. This was a rather embarrassing event. All old songs were raped and slaughtered (reminded me quite a bit of that MDC disaster) and almost no people took the effort to check them out. Result was that the organisers lost A L O T of money coz they asked rather high (and fixed!) guarantees. Still PCP had a real good time, meeting mucho new people, places and friends. The Frossay gig was the first one for me to wear sunglasses during the entire set coz of the ultrabright theaterspot (thanks Eric). France is a great country to play (excluding the traffic cops and customsPCP infected by rockstarvirus... officers!) and we discovered the westcoast has more cool places than you can ever imagine! From June til September I was busy promoting and booking a 2 week French/Spanish tour for dutch band COCKROACH. Unfortunately 2 days into their tour, I received a confusing yet disturbing phonecall from COCKROACH informing me they were going to cancel the rest of the tour due to personal problems. Eventually they were alright, but my motivation to continue with this kind of help was dropped considerably. In 2000 I had a somewhat simular experience with EL CORAZON DEL SAPO from Spain but this happened at the end of the tour and was because of a leg injury of their singer. He even tried to continue and did 2 more gigs with it but it was just too painful so they canceled the last 2 gigs. Back in Spain they went straight to an hospital to discover his ankle was broken...
June and July had some local Platformtheater concerts where the Dutch bands blew away the yankee "headliners". 2003 was also the year of the Trash Fests in Hoogeveen and the overkill of gigs in the new squat Co-9 in Zwolle. Last year had 4 Trashfests with an average of about 10 bands each night! August even had 2 Trashfests, one in Hoogeveen and the next day in Zwolle. About 25 bands within 2 days.... An enormous effort from Marteun and co.! September PCP played a fest in Stemwede,  I discovered we played together with the masters of doomcore ZEROID. However, it was their final concert. The first and last time I saw them. Happiness & sadness at once. Crazy.
I was actually very glad to see that 2003 didn't continue this questionable trend of adding exotic instruments to hardcorepunk (with the violin at number one). However, I can conclude that 2003 was the musical year of overrated emo and bad Tragedy clones. But... it wasn't all that bad. I still could find 10 excellent records and 8 fabulous gigs so here's for my yearlist:

BEST RECORD (in no particular order!)
1. Cursed - One CD
I am a big fan of THE SWARM, and this one can more or less be seen as a continuation of that band. Excellent production, songs and writing makes this a winner)

2. Tragedy - Vengeance CD
An almost unmatched heavy hardcorepunk production. Japanese hardcore meets Skandi-disbeats meets No Fun At All/Bad Religion formula. Nobody does this as well as TRAGEDY.

3. Various - Bloodsucking Freaks 2003 CD
The Padlock and Soul Craft songs make this perfect.

4. Padlock - Struggle In Red CD
Fast, catchy, over-the-top, guitarwanking Japanese hardcore.... outstanding!

5. Ação Direta - Revolta Repudio Confronto Resistencia CD
Already going for more than 15 years, and no sign of weariness. Intense, fast, simple yet furious hardcorepunk.

6. Conclusion - Conclusion 7"
Have this been playing alot of times. Very original sound with some sticky parts.

7. Protess - Positiveness 7"
First had to get into this one, but immensely grew on me and now the tunes are in my head forever. Recently d/l a video of them, and I can say they're as good live as they're on record!

8. Vicious Five - Electric Chants Of The Disenchanted CD
Portugese punkrock. I usually don't listen this syle much. Could be maybe even labeled as emo... Very minimal but very haunting and infectious.

9. Maniatica - Maniatica 2003 CD
I always loved this spanish anarchopunkband. They did a lot of releases and for this CD they re-recorded old songs coz the band was already split since alot years (some members went on with BANDA JACHIS). Anyway, this is an excellent selection of their old work with my absolute favorite songs: Poder and Color De Corazon.

10. Vader - Blood mCD
I have a weakness for this band! Litany is still their best release but ever since their concert on 30th April in De Buze/Steenwijk, I have alot of sympathy for this great band.

1. Zeroid - Krustenhof, Stemwede Germoney 06.09.03
Stunning even though they had some technical difficulties.

2. The Now-Denial - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 27.09.03
Knew the people already for a long time but never heard their band until now. I was rooted to the spot in amazement. Together with ZEROID, these are for me the best bands of 2003!

3. Tragedy - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 27.09.03
Combination of a first rate backline and excellent musical performance.

4. Mörser - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 27.09.03
Even without their 2nd guitarplayer, still terrifying good!

5. Twisted System - Krustenhof, Stemwede Germoney 06.09.03
Belgium poweroutfit. I expected bad hardrock but we got once again exciting punkrock with ex-UNHINGED singer!

6. Inner Terrestials - Pakhuis Afrika, Amsterdam 26.09.03
I'd already played with them in France a couple times so I knew what to expect. Great musicianship, excellent crowdcontrol and also after all those hard, fast and loud bands, this was quite refreshing.

7. Dean Dirge - G18, Bremen Germoney 08.02.03
As i said earlier, we expected bad emorock, but got exciting punkrock!

8. Radio Bikini - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 23.08.03
Refreshing, and Dutch as well!

(there was actually quite alot of them but here's my top 10 nonetheless)
1. Unnamed Emoband - Baracke, Munster Germoney
Three bands, two touring (MAKILADORAS and MIHOEN!) and one local. There were probably 15 paying visitors. They all came to see the local band. The local band played first... It was horrendous. They couldn't handle their instruments and the sound was awful but.... the small crowd went for it. When the 2nd band, MIHOEN, started, only the "organisation" and 2 touring bands were left. It became an unforgettable nite anyways but you get the point. That unnamed band probably get real big this year, so sorry for not reminding your name.

2. Driller Killer - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 27.09.03
Expected alot, received a bucket full of shit. Their cd's rule, their live performance suck terribly. They come NOWHERE near the records. They owned up. Very humiliating. To top that, their attitude was even worse. Please, deport this to the mainstream. Thank you!

Raw Power - Frossay 21.03.033. Raw Power - Stade de Municipal, Frossay France 21.03.03
This was very hard to digest. Not even a shade of what it was. One of the best hardcore concerts I saw was RAW POWER in the ChiChiClub/Winterswijk 19.05.1986 This was very embarrasing to see how they try to keep up their "status" with a very distored line-up. Sad but true.

4. Sika - Co9, Zwolle 24.08.03
This was real bad. But somehow sympathetic as well coz the players did their stinking best.

5. Anargeeks - Rijzenburcht, Elst 05.09.03
This was even worse than SIKA but the same can be said about their enthousiasm and dedication. Punk = shock. Well, you got me there!

6. Calling Gina Clark - Het Podium, Hoogeveen 19.07.03
How'd you call this? Chaosemo? Holy shit, this is just getting ridiculous.

7. Omega Cinco - Co9, Zwolle 20.07.03
I'm sure they want me dead coz this was unbearable. Keyboards that feedback, completely non-playing. How much more can I take. I tried 5 songs and received an acute headache. Wow.

8. Ma'arakate & Off Minor - Platformtheater, Groningen 01.06.03
I'm getting quite allergic for this kind of driveling "hardcore".

9. Yaphet Kotto - Platformtheater, Groningen 10.07.03
And I'm getting very tired of this kind of driveling "hardcore". To top that, I expected at least one meaningful remark, since they are considered to be a political band but they had nothing to say at all. Quite pretentious bullshit if you ask me.

10. Sin Dios - Pakhuis Africa, Amsterdam 26.09.03
I know how good this band CAN BE. This nite they were terrible. Real awful. Almost nothing worked and the sound was shit as well. I felt very sorry for them. It was good to hear the other gig in Den Haag the next day went well.


(NOTE: only north and mid-east Holland!)

Simplon, Groningen
05.02.04. PCP + Mindfok + Burn The Elite
19.02.04. Black Belt Johnson + Overdrunk + J.C.And His Red Octobers
04.03.04 Massive Assault + Grindminded + Voleg
05.03.04 O.D.Babe + The Spades + De Straaljagers + De Kickers

Vera, Groningen
08.02.04. Dying Fetus + Hate Eternal +Deeds Of Flesh + Prejudice
20.02.04. De Heideroosjes + The Lullabelles

Het Podium, Hoogeveen

27-28.03.04. Trashfest 6: Anodyne (USA), Chainsaw (JAP), Strong Intention (USA), Dead Stop (BEL), The 244GL (GER) + 10 other bands.

Co-9, Zwolle
24.02.04. Gandhi's Revenge + Bier
27.02.04. Alliance + Daddy Longleg + Disphoria
05.03.04. BBK + Just*us + Rawberries + Rabid
11.03.04. Taster's Choice
19.03.04. Lecsa Punk (HUN) + Dandare
17.04.04. Gertrude + Tra I Matti

De Brouwerij, Hengelo
02.02.04. K10 Prospect + Side Issue + Oc Toons
13.02.04. Selfish + Dry Conditions + Visions Of War
26.02.04. Alliance + Daddy Longleg + Better Off
18.03.04 Lecsa Punk

Innocent, Hengelo
01.02.04. Malkovich + Hold My Own + Icepick + Kingpin + Zero Mentality + Shattered
06.03.04. The Cumshot
14.03.04. The Filaments
28.03.04. Superjob + Badlands + P.O.Box + Smoking Monkeys + Toxpack


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Maniatica - Maniatica 2003
Immolation - Live St.Louis 2000 tape
Anihilated - demo 85
Dark Angel - Combat Tour 2 Video
Holy Terror - Mind Wars CD
Banda Jachis - Para Ti CD
The Last Mile - 7"
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