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Do What You Want: The Story Of Bad Religion book

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Jim Ruland - Do What You Want: The Story Of Bad Religion book

This tells the story of Bad Religion. It doesn’t start promising, mostly because it’s written by someone outside the band but after the first chapter it fortunately gets better. All members except Greg Hetson are interviewed and releases are discussed extensively. Somehow the early band remind me of the gymnasiumpunx in Groningen. All of them went to college and took it serious while most other bands from that area were rather selfdestructive and violent. Hetson revived the band in 1984 after the abominable Into The Unknown LP. In 1989 they do their first European tour and it appears they’re immensely popular in Germany. I was very lucky to see them in Berlin on that tour and I must say that I was very impressed. If this tour had not happen, chances were the band called it quits. Their next “European” tour in 1990 is in Germany only. Starting with chapter 12, it gets very tiring. There’s mainly talk about popularity, fans, sales, money, charts etc. The Beatles of punkrock. When Nirvana gets big in 1991, they proclaim to be the biggest punkband in the world (together with Fugazi). After signing with Atlantic Records and Sony Music, the band appears on TV talkshows, mainstream radio and their records are sold in malls. They call it the democratization of punk. Brett/Epitaph leaves the band and can now concentrate on his succesful label. He is replaced by Brian Baker/Minor Threat who has alot of experience with major labels and is already a rockstar. Apart from a close look at the making and meaning of all of their releases, you also get some tour and concert stories, the personal lives of the various bandmembers, the ins and outs of the Epitaph label. After they return to Epitaph, Brett joins the band again. The last part of the book tells mostly about the releases made from 2001, the leave of Greg Hetson and drummer Brooks, their replacements Mike and Jamie, and the drugproblem of Jay. Interesting if you like the band, rather boring for the average reader.