City Baby: Survivin...

City Baby: Surviving In Leather, Bristles, Studs, Punk Rock And G.B.H. book

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City Baby: Surviving In Leather, Bristles, Studs, Punk Rock And G.B.H.
Russ Loman, Bazillion Points 2015

304 pgs, English
I first heard G.B.H. on the Punk And Disorderly compilation when it came out in march 1982 and was very impressed so I got their releases but lost interest after the first LP. This book was originally on Ignite Books in 2013 but is now in it’s 5th printing. It is about the life of Russ Loman who became the bassplayer for G.B.H. It starts off how school in Birmingham and a local concert of The Damned in 1977 got him into punk. After joining G.B.H., there’s countless tour and concertstories. He has great writing skills and there’s no dull moment here. About every page had me laughing, especially the time when he was a punk milkman in 1978 was very amusing to read. G.B.H. was a band where chasing succes wasn’t their thing. Doing what they wanted came first. Opportunities (and there were alot) went straight over their heads as they headed for the bar. This is a recipe for rip-offs. The last chapters are about him diagnosed with autism which puts his life in perspective. It’s refreshing and great fun to read more so because the man and band come across as very sympathetic. And it gives you the urge to listen to the band again. Highly recommended!