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Revolution Calling Eindhoven, 0% women

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On 30 October, there will be the Revolution Calling festival in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. They call themselves 'the world's biggest indoor hardcore punkfest'. That looks good, a punk festival at last.

A look at the line-up. Eleven bands. That also looks good.

Another, closer, look at the line-up. That does not really look good.

Unfortunately, it still seems that the Revolution Calling organisation does not realise enough that punk is the music of Siouxsie and the Banshees, of Penetration, X-ray Spex, the Slits, Mo-dettes, Raincoats, Adverts, Kleenex, L7, Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, Hole, Maid of Ace, the women who played bass in the UK Subs and the Damned, the over 90 and counting punk bands in the Netherlands including women in 1976-1982, Mary Monday and the Bitches, Vermilion and the Aces, the Bags, X, Dee Skusting and the Rodents, Amyl and the Sniffers, Distillers, Coathangers, Linda Lindas (I forgive Revolution Calling for not knowing the Linda Lindas, they became well-known very recently), the Lou's, Bambix, (Rotterdam) Ramona's, (Brighton) Ramonas, Sex Pissed Dolls, Nog Watt, etc. etc.

In all those eleven bands of the Revolution Calling line-up, there are ZERO fucking 0% fucking nada fucking keine women. A 'revolution' excluding women can never be a real revolution.

It is too late probably to improve that now. You'd better do your homework better for the Revolution Calling 2022 festival line-up, dear organisers!

It's not hard for you to include punk women at all. At the 4 December 2021 first conference of the Punk Scholars Network Netherlands, the schedule says so far that four bands will play. All these four bands include women.

One of these bands, Livmoder was founded this year in ... Eindhoven. Another band, Azijnpisser, is from ... Eindhoven. The same Eindhoven of the Revolution Calling organisers.

Hear Livmoder in this audio/video.

Hear/see Azijnpisser in this video.

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UPDATE: plans in OCCII on 4 December to have a fifth band changed. See full program here.


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