Meaning bandname: Formerly the grafitti name of one bandmember (initials J.E.T.); turned out to be funny because band members hailed from rich village Haren and had to constantly explain to "openminded"/"non-prejudiced" that they were not rich assholes.

History: Jetset was member of the Roodwitzwart (RedWhiteBlack) collective, including bands Massagraf, Bloedbad, Vacuüm, magazines Blok 5, Struggle, Destructief Jong Nederland, label RWZ, and poet Bart Droog. Some other bands and magazines outside Groningen were associated as well.

Lyrics:  Almost entirely political. First standard punk stuff about the queen, political parties, war etc etc. Critical of punk norms like unquestioned support for squatters' violence. Later more Discharge-influenced: less specific, less simple, more images. Last half year (fairly non-political) poems from non-band member. From very early on only Dutch lyrics. Jetset was heading the "political wing" of Groningen punk and had some influence on younger punks.

Description: First simple early punk, later hardcore (Discharge). Fast and short songs. 20-song concerts in 15 minutes. At the very end more experiments into other musical styles.

Line-Up: Names of band members were never published and considered irrelevant.

(links with Kein Produkt, Massagraf, Massacubadset)

Tours & Concerts: All around Holland

Discography: “Eingetr.Warenz”split-TP with KEIN PRODUKT (R.I.P.Off, NL, 1981)
“The Jetset”TP (R.I.P.Off, NL, 1981)
“Modern Times Are Coming Back”TP with MASSAGRAF (R.I.P.Off, NL, 1982)

“Protest”split-TP with BLOEDBAD (Melkchocolade, NL, 1983)
V/A - "Back To The 80's"compilation TP (Welvaartsstaat, NL, 1981)
V/A -
“Hatelijke Groenten”compilation EP (Roodwitzwart, NL, 1982)
V/A -
“Roodwitzwart”compilation LP with BLOEDBAD, MASSAGRAF, BARBIE’S BOYFRIEND (Cycling Dinosaur, NL, 1984)