Meaning bandname: Just a typical stupid name without any meaning at all

History: In the beginning of 1993, Maynard, Piet and Robbie decided to start a new band, with the help of Joshua. FLEAS AND LICE was born from the ashes of MUSHROOM ATTACK. In april 1993, Esther joined on vocals. In the beginning of 1995 Oene joined on bass. In 1996 Esther took a break for half a year, and Willy from HIATUS replaced her for the time being. In 1997 Piet got hit by a taxi cab and couldn’t play guitar for 14 months. In 1998 Pelle replaced Maynard on drums. In December 2002 Oene leaves the band and gets replaced by Stiff from Scotland. Jim got added in early 2004 as a second guitarplayer.

Lyrics: About our life, against the system, capitalism, fascism, animal abuse, meat factories, bloodsport, heroin…etc.

Description: Punk as fuck

Line-Up: Esther (vocals), Robbie (vocals), Piet (guitar), Jim (guitar), Stiff (bass), Pelle (drums)

Esther – A.C.F.
Jim - Machine Gun Etiquette (Scotland)

Joshua – Golfclub, Fermented, Rancid Grannies, W.F.O., Mean Machine
Maynard – Buiten Adem, Catweazle (vocals), Dog Ugly, E.N.E., Kaïn, Fermented, Mushroom Attack, Kelly Family, Golfclub, PCP, Bullshit Science

Oene (as guitarplayer) – Chronicore, Bloodcrust, PCP, Yphobia

Pelle – No I.D., PCP
(bass), De Stipjes
Piet – E.N.E., Vieze Mensen, Mushroom Attack, Mad Punk Disease

Robbie – Mushroom Attack, Vieze Mensen, Mad Punk Disease
Stiff - Scunnered (Scotland)

March 1993: Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland (with DISORDER + HUSKER IKKE)

June 1993: Germany, Czech, Poland (with HIATUS)
March 1994: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech, Switzerland (with BRAWL)
April 1994: England, Ireland (with BRAWL)
September 1994: France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Greece
May 1995: Germany, Holland (with CONCRETE SOX)
September 1995: Germany, Czech, Holland (with BRAWL)
October 1995: U.S.A. (East-Coast), Canada (with STATE OF FEAR)
December 1995: Holland (with BOYCOT + HIATUS)
June 1996: Germany (with KORRUPT)
July 1996: Belgium, Luxembourg, France (with BOYCOT; Willy HIATUS on vocals)
August 1996: England, Scotland (with GRUFF; with Willy HIATUS on vocals)
September 1996: Germany, Czech (with Rudy DISORDER on vocals)
May 1998: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland (with DOOM + WOLFPACK)
October 1998: U.S.A. (West-Coast + Texas), Mexico (with CALLOUSED + TOXIC NARCOTIC)
May 1999: Germany
March 2000: Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain
May 2000: Sweden, Denmark, Germany
April 2001: NL, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy (with CALLOUSED + SKEWHIFF)
August 2001: Germany (+ FREE RANGE TIME BOMB)
September 2001: France, Spain (+ D.K.W.)
September 2002: Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany
April 2003: Scandinavia (+ RIISTETYT)
May 2003: Bretagne
May/June 2003: Ireland (+ MOUTHPIECE)
April 2004: Holland, Belgium, France, Germany (+ RIISTETYT + BACCHUS TEMPLE ADDICTS)


“Parasites” 7''EP (Skuld, Germany, 1993)
“Polish Bastards: Live in Brno” live-split-7''EP with HIATUS (? , Poland, 1993)
split-LP with BLEEDING RECTUM (Skuld, Germany 1995)
split-7''EP with BATTLE OF DISARM (D.I.Y., Japan, 1995)
“Live In Raterdamned, Baroeg 7.5.95” split-LP with MUSHROOM ATTACK (Axiome, NL, 1996)
“Up The Punks”split-7''EP with ASSHRASH (Skuld/Profane Existence, Germany/USA, 1996)
“Global Destruction”12”EP (Skuld/Profane Existence, Germany/USA, 1996)
split-7''EP with BOYCOT (Deadlock, NL, 2000)
"Recipes For Catastrophies"LP (Skuld, Germany, 2001)
"Recipes For Catastrophies/State Rape" split-CD with RESTARTS (Rejected Records, UK, 2002)

V/A - “Zapata Vivela Lucha Sigue” compilation LP (benefit for EZLN)
V/A - “Whispers!” compilation 2LP + EP (Skuld/Profane Existence, Germany/USA, 1997)
V/A - “Zero Hour”compilation LP (Interferance, 1998)
V/A - “This Is Punkrock”compilation CD
V/A - “Die Human Race” flexi-compilation 7''EP (Skuld/Profane Existence Recs, Germany/USA, 199X)
V/A - “Kamizole/Okara Benefit’compilation CD (Fight For Your Mind, France, 2000)
V/A - "Bad Example Of A Rotten Generation" VHS Video (Self-Made, NL, 2000)

So far FLEAS AND LICE are on 36 different benefit compilation tapes from all over the world.

Contact: Postbus 41008, 9701 CA Groningen



(taken from the "Global Destruction"12"EP; recorded and mixed in Bunt's Studio, Utrecht 11.95)

(taken from the "Recipes For Catastrophies"CD - rough mix)